Project Details

Owner: State of California

Contract value: $16,647,352


The project included construction of an additional 1.25 mile "fast" lane along Route 110 in Los Angeles. Structural work consisted of three bridge widenings, three sidehill viaducts, and five retaining walls. The bridge widening involved extending the abutment walls as well as the construction of new abutment wing walls and bent columns.

Two of the three sidehill viaducts included reinforced concrete pavement on top of bent caps and cutoff wall, while the third required a box web girder substructure. Two retaining walls were constructed with a typical spread footing, and the other three retaining walls were built on soldier pile foundations with a timber lagging-tieback anchor design. In total, these three walls combined to measured 1,525 ft in length.

Other items of work included reinforced concrete ramps, lighting, signage, drainage systems, barrier rail, landscaping, and sprinkler systems.