Project Details

Owner: City of Los Angeles

Contract value: $9,512,000


The Olympic Boulevard Bridge, one of twelve historic bridges over the Los Angeles River, was a 1,420 ft reinforced concrete, open spandrel structure. Built in 1925, it was named in commemoration of the 1932 Olympic Games held in Los Angeles. The Bridge has continued to be an important link in the City's transportation system, permitting truck traffic flow in and out of Downtown Los Angeles.

The Bridge was reconstructed to meet current seismic codes and to restore the original architectural elements. New construction included longitudinal and transverse infill walls and new spread concrete and steel pile footings. The retrofit work included strengthening the abutments utilizing reinforced concrete and hinge pipe restrainers. The historical work involved rebuilding the original architectural handrail, lampposts, and lighting fixtures. Finally, a maintenance facility building located underneath the west end of the bridge was demolished and reconstructed.

The project was completed on time. Through value engineering of new sidewalk in lieu of spall repair $500,000 was saved for the Owner. Finally, the project was completed with change order costs amounting to less than 4.5% of the original contract.