Project Details

Owner: Los Angeles Airports Commission

Contract value: $2,643,706


Our job was to re-feed this gate with new power, cut over the old 4160 power servicing existing switchgear, remove the 4160 transformers and re-feed the existing gear out of new 480 volt gear. This was accomplished by installing conduit, welding supports, switchgear and Buss Duct over the roof of Gate 123, pulling cable thru some existing conduits, existing live manholes, existing live pull boxes and terminating.

This was a fast burn job that SCCI was able to make happen even with the unique circumstances of the job and the very strict security and badging process at LAX. There was roofing demo and repair. There was stucco removing and repair. Welding to existing beams and columns and one of the more unique issues was that SCCI managed to make this happen on the roof without any damage to the finished ceiling below in spite of a couple of drizzly days at the airport.

SCCI finished the work with a very minor punch list and a very happy customer at Los Angeles World Airports ( LAWA ).