Project Details

Owner: Port of Long Beach

Contract value: $3,147,000


The Pier G Demolition project consists of the full demolition of an existing freight station building, an operations office building and a maintenance shop building including abatement of all hazardous materials. The purpose of this demolition is to accommodate space for several upcoming projects at the ITS Terminal to include a new main gate complex and several administrative buildings including a new technology building.

This project also includes the phased de-energization and removal of three existing electric substations, foundations and appurtenances. All existing loads from these substations will be cut over to either the new substation involved in this project or to substations installed from previous projects.

This project also involves extensive demolition of existing utilities thru the open terminal such as water, storm drain gas and electrical in order to help rid the terminal of some of the massive amounts of abandoned utilities running thru the property from past demolitions and changes made over the course of several years.

This project includes providing and installation of one new electric substation to feed existing and new loads such as existing reefer receptacles and existing area lighting. There is also a relocation of existing motor control center and control equipment for the fuel pumping units to accommodate space for a future expansion.

This project also includes a multitude of new electrical and communication duct banks for existing loads as well as new loads to accommodate future projects and to tie together the new 66KV substation at the projects far West side all the way thru the terminal to the new shore-to ship substation on the projects far East side.

Upon completion of this project, the terminal will be ready for several new planned projects as well as creating a more efficient pathway for terminal truck traffic and the deletion of old inefficient electrical substations.