Project Details

Owner: Port of Long Beach

Contract value: $28,813,060


North Slip Backlands Development is part of The Pier G Redevelopment Program, a multi-year effort estimated at $500 million, which is consolidating and modernizing the entire terminal with more efficient, environmentally friendly truck gates, rail facilities and berths.

Shimmick's scope of work consists of procuring and installing new electrical distribution equipment including 12.47kV switchgear assemblies, 2,500kV transformers, 480v switchgear assemblies and 192 refrigerated container receptacles. The backbone raceway work connecting the electrical equipment consists of procuring and installing 130,000 ft of underground PVC conduit, 30,000 ft of trenching, 18,000 ft of 15kV medium voltage cable, and 405,000 ft of 600V-THHN building wire. This project also erects and energizes thirteen 120-ft tall mast lighting poles.