Project Details

Owner: Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Contract value: $11,500,000


Description of Work: The Work to be done under this contract consists generally of furnishing all labor,materials, equipment, supplies, and incidentals required to:

  1. Mechanically equip two water production wells, the Delthorne Park and City Yard wells, including the construction of a well enclosure for the Delthorne Park Well;
  2. The construction of a raw water well manifold and flushing water pump station near the existing Madrona Well site within the City of Torrance Corporation Yard, including miscellaneous well improvements;
  3. Construction of raw water conveyance pipelines from the two new well sites to the Madrona Well site;
  4. Construction of flush water pipeline from the Madrona Well flushing water pump station and tie in to an existing 10-inch storm drain force main near Madrona Ave. and Civic Center Drive;
  5. Site preparation, mobilization and demobilization of equipment;
  6. Installation of a new RO treatment train, feed pump, modifications to the existing RO train piping, installation of new RO train sample panels (both existing and new trains), installation of energy recovery inter-stage booster pumps (both existing and new trains);
  7. Rehabilitation of chemical feed systems and piping, construction of chemical truck unloading pad, installation of chemical containment area sun screen, and construction of new manganese inhibitor chemical storage tank and containment;
  8. Installation of new high lift product water pump;
  9. Overall upgrades to plant instrumentation;
  10. Replacement of control system programming.