Project Details

Owner: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Contract value: $4,300,000


SCCI’s scope of work for this project includes improvements the SFPUC Hetch-Hetchy Mountain Tunnel at Adit 5/6, Adit 8/9, Big Creek Shaft, and Second Garrote Shaft. Improvements at Adits 5/6 and 8/9 to include: improvements to access roads, demolition of existing concrete structures near adit entrances, removal of adit access gates and inner steel doors, rock excavation for new bulkheads, construction of new tunnel bulkheads, contact grouting, pressure grouting, construction of adit access gates, demolition of existing bulkhead, removal of tunnel lining, installation of rock bolts, shotcrete lining of tunnel, placement of new adit invert slab, installation of tunnel instrumentation and control panel. Improvements at Big Creek Shaft and Second Garrote Shaft to include: installation of new conduit, placement of new control panels and equipment, connections from existing power feed to new equipment, installation of HDPE casing vertically in shaft, mounting of HDPE in tunnel, installation of sampling pump in HDPE casing, installation of pressure probe in HDPE casing, testing and startup of instrumentation.