Project Details

Owner: State of California

Contract value: $2,790,0221


The project is in the Norwalk, Sante Fe Springs area of Southern California on the Interstate 5 Route at Rosecrans and adjacent city streets. The project entails installation of traffic signals and coordination with the City of Norwalk. Traffic signals, Freeway lighting, Ramp metering, traffic monitoring and communication via fiber optic systems for CalTrans. SCCI has had to coordinate many traffic lane closures and has had to perform a portion of the work at night. SCCI has additionally installed falsework lighting, underground conduit, barrier conduit, junction boxes and freeway overpass permanent lighting. Currently the project finish has been delayed from the original end date of July 2016 to the current end date of December 2017. Due to the many unforeseen issues and obstacles associated with the project there has been a large amount of change orders issued to SCCI. SCCI expects the trend of change orders to continue. Those various issues and obstacles continue to slow progress on the project. The electrical group has maintained a high level of safety and has performed the work without any incidents or accidents.