Project Details

Owner: BNSF

Contract value: $2,600,000


SCCI’s first job with BNSF railway includes approximately 1 mile of grading and a 92’ steel girder bridge for BNSF Railway’s double track extension from Sando to Oakley allowing for increased Amtrak traffic between the California Bay Area and Central Valley.

Grading includes approximately 4,800 cubic yards of excavation and 3,800 cubic yards of embankment and placement of 4,500 cubic yards of subballast to support BNSF Railway’s new section of track.

Placement of the bridge requires placement of approximately 100 feet of shoring to existing track to allow for structural excavation for placement of bridge piers and bents. 26 steel piles with a diameter of 16 inches and a depth of roughly 50 feet support 4 precast concrete caps and 4 precast concrete slabs on the east and west side of Bridgehead Rd. Spanning between precast slabs are 7 foot tall built up steel girders retaining ballast plates used to support the new section of track.

The job requires cooperation with BNSF Railway to allow train traffic to continue uninterrupted at maximum speeds.