Project Details

Owner: Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority

Contract value: $46,208,558


The Redondo Junction Grade Separation was part of the Alameda Corridor Project - a railroad freight express line running 20 miles north from the nation's busiest seaports to the transcontinental railroad near downtown Los Angeles. The Alameda Corridor consisted of multiple construction projects that taken together created an express rail corridor and provided highway improvements along Alameda Street. The Redondo Junction was located at the north end of the Corridor as one of three principal projects in this area.

The Redondo Junction was an existing at-grade rail to rail crossing located near the Los Angeles River and Washington Boulevard. This project grade-separated Redondo Junction to eliminate conflicts between freight trains that use the Alameda Corridor and passenger trains using the BNSF/Amtrak/Metrolink tracks.

The Redondo overpass was 3,957 ft long. It consisted of 1,604 ft of MSE wall-supported embankment at the ends, 902 ft of pre-cast pre-stressed concrete bridge spans, and 1,450 ft of steel bridge spans. It crossed not only the Corridor tracks, but also Washington Blvd., the Los Angeles River, and Soto Street.

The project site was located in the City of Los Angeles and City of Vernon. The project limits extended from connections to existing trackage near Olympic boulevard on the north to connections to existing trackage east of the Los Angeles River between Soto Street and Downey Road. The elevated 45 MPH curved alignment was located east of the current at-grade 15 MPH curved alignment.