Project Details

Owner: Transbay Joint Powers Authority

Contract value: $48,181,000


The Transbay Transit Center Project is a transit station in downtown San Francisco that will serve the San Francisco Bay Area’s regional transportation system. The future Transit Center will incorporate retail space, a rooftop park, and bus ramps that connect to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

The objective of the TG07.2 Structural Concrete Superstructure project consists of the reinforced concrete elements above the lower concourse level slab. This project starts below ground level with the installation of the final lift of perimeter reinforced concrete foundation walls and continues vertically with 4 more levels of slabs (ground level, second level, bus deck level and roof level). Each level has varying requirements for concrete walls, columns, beams, curbs, shear keys, footings, equipment pads, waterstops, and grade beams. The roof level will have penthouse roofs and curved concrete scallop walls which cantilever over the footprint of the building.

Logistics is a significant challenge on this project. The project site is located in downtown San Francisco which inherently has logistic challenges such as limited space, vehicular traffic, pedestrian traffic, and proximity to neighboring business buildings. The TG07.2 package is one of many issued packages and thus requires close coordination with other packages. We will be resuming work from other packages and installing work for other packages to resume.