Project Details

Owner: Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board

Contract value: $1,850,000


The intent of the project is to provide an upgrade to the interface between the railroad train approach warning system and the traffic signaling system at 5 crossing in 3 cities along the Caltrain Right-of-Way. This interface system is known as railroad preemption, and it provides for a change in traffic signaling conditions when a train is approaching in order to clear vehicles from the tracks. Brewster Ave. in Redwood City and Rengstorff Ave. and Castro St. in Mountain View will receive multiple new traffic signal poles and displays, new traffic controllers, sidewalk and ADA ramp improvements, and restriping of the lanes of traffic. Churchill Ave. and East Meadow Dr. in Palo Alto will receive electrical upgrades and improvements to the pedestrian crossing system. At all locations, the interface between the train signals and traffic signals (known as preemption) will be upgraded to a new 10-wire system to provide improved safety to drivers traveling near or across the Caltrain tracks.

The upgraded system will provide increased capability to clear vehicle traffic at these 5 crossings, in addition to improving ADA access and general function of the intersections during normal traffic flow. The current preemption system is restricted to altering certain parts of the traffic signal system, which can cause vehicles to become backed up on to the tracks at a red light. The new system will address this red-light back up condition by allowing full green-light authorization for vehicles needing to clear the tracks upon train approach.