Project Details

Owner: Los Angeles County

Contract value: $7,180,813


Kanan Road provides a connection between Highway 101 and the Pacific Coast Highway from Agoura Hills to Malibu, CA. There are three pairs of tunnels along the route. The existing tunnels are partially lined with a steel liner system consisting of four flange corrugated liner plates between arched I-beams. The project involves installing new steel liner in the Tunnel T2 and T3 tunnel pairs where there is no existing liner to produce fully lined tunnels for greater tunnel stability.

The work includes blasting and painting 60,000 square feet of existing tunnel liner, installing 80,000 square feet of waterproofing system on the tunnel ceilings, erecting 1.3 million pounds of steel liner, and placing 4,300 cubic yards of 2,000 psi concrete to fill the space behind the newly erected tunnel liner.