Project Details


Contract value: $66,377,361


This project consists of replacing the U.S. Navy’s historic fueling pier 180 located at Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, which has been servicing the fleet since 1907, with a new double-deck steel pile supported T-shaped fueling pier, located in deeper water outboard of the existing structure. The new facility is expected to be complete and operational by fall of 2017.

The initial phase of the project consists of relocating the Government-owned Marine Mammal Program which would otherwise be impacted by the construction operations to a new site, complete with all the required facilities to train and maintain these animals.

Upon completion of this unprecedented relocation, the construction of the pier will begin. Major features of work include: demolition and removal of the existing pier structure and related appurtenances, new steel pipe piles, double-deck fueling pier complete with a new fueling system and utilities, an advanced fire suppression system, storm water collection system, and security improvements. The project also includes the construction of mooring dolphins which will extend the berthing length of the pier to 1,124.5 feet and allow the new pier to support vessels with drafts up to 40 feet. Notably, the phased construction approach will allow the existing facility to remain operational during construction which will allow this iconic pier to continue to service the US Navy and Coast Guard, without interruption, a task that it has successfully accomplished for over 100 years.