Project Details

Owner: Port of Oakland

Contract value: $5,895,900


The Shore Power System Construction Project for the Port of Oakland at Berths 30 and 32 is being constructed to comply with the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements for vessel shipping traffic. CARB requires ships to use shore power instead of onboard diesel generators while they are docked. Shimmick Construction is installing shore to ship power systems at Berths 30 and 32 to provide that power source.

The work consists of procuring and installing new electrical distribution equipment including one 12.47kV switchgear assembly, two 7,500kVA transformers, two 6.6kV switchgear assemblies, and six 7.2kV shore to ship power enclosure receptacles. The backbone raceway work connecting the electrical equipment consists of procuring and installing 2,537 ft of underground PVC conduit, 9,500 ft of under wharf fiberglass conduit, 9,600 ft of 15kV-750 kcmil medium voltage cable, 19,040 ft of 8kV-350 kcmil medium voltage cable, and 80,000 ft of 600V-THHN building wire.