Project Details

Owner: City of West Sacramento

Contract value: $30,487,031


This project consisted of the construction of a new filter system and reservoirs at the Bryte Bend Water Treatment Plant to increase its capacity from 24 million gallons per day to 40 million gallons per day. The project was broken down into four phases:

  • Demolition of the existing clearwell and construction of the low lift pump station and Filters 1-3.
  • Construction of raw water pipeline, intake screens, new high service pump stations and cans, ACTIFLO facilities, and the Operations Building.
  • Demolition of the west clearwell, the existing west filter, and sedimentary basin as well as construction of Filters 4-6.
  • Construction of raw intake pipes, chlorine scrubber, backwash pump station, and construction of Filters 7-10.