Project Details

Owner: Orange County Department of Public Works

Contract value: $25,174,188


The Haster Pump Station, Retarding Basin and Recreational Field Project is an integrated flood control project and recreational use area incorporating a 2-acre soccer field, ¾ mile jogging path, 11 exercise stations, and 2 cantilevered shade structures within a flood control facility capable of managing 100 year flood inflows of 2,100 cubic feet per second. The project team was committed to providing integrated flood control protection and recreational area where the nearby residents can enjoy life for years to come. This community improvement/vision was the project team’s foundation for success throughout the entire project.

The project team’s monumental challenge was to construct a 700’ triple box culvert (3RCB), deepen the bottom of the existing basin by 8’, and build the 110’x 75’x70’ Pump Station 25’ below existing ground water surface. All while remaining in a “live” flood control basin with a tributary area over 1,800 acres. All phases of construction and planning accommodated, diverted, and discharged up to 460 CFS flows around the work and into the downstream Wintersburg channel while also minimizing disturbance to residents surrounding the entire construction site.

Shimmick worked jointly with AKM design, AECOM, and OC public Works to save over 150(k) in structure excavation costs at the 3RCB and gain 6 weeks in the schedule. In addition, the project team pre-planned and placed the entire 3RCB invert using starter walls in less than 2-weeks to protect the excavation and gravel bedding from storm damage.

The existing Basin was deepened by 8’ with over 199,000cy of excavation. A large sump pump system, dewatering channels, and elevated haul roads were used to dewater the existing basin without the use significant perimeter dewatering wells. Thus limiting potential settlement impacts to the surrounding residential homes.

Shimmick, OC Public Works, AKM, and AECOM worked together to re-engineer the pump station excavation and shoring plan to save 2-months of construction schedule and considerable noise impacts and vibrations to nearby residents. The revised shoring plan was a great success and could not have been accomplished in the needed time frame without positive partnering and teamwork from all parties.

OC Public Works, AKM, AECOM, OC Parks, Schmidt Design Group, City of Garden Grove, and Shimmick Construction partnered to deliver an integrated flood control project and recreational area on-time, under-budget and with Zero recordables and Zero lost-time incidents. The community received a multi-use project with state-of-the-art recreational amenities and improved flood protection for future generations to enjoy for years to come.