Project Details

Owner: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Contract value: $14,562,018


The flood protection project included two areas of work:

Reach 1 required approximately 80,000 cubic yards of excavation and construction of a 2,600 ft long earthen channel with vegetated gabions. There were 3,500 ft of flood wall between Reaches 1 and 2, and 4.1 acres of new vegetation throughout the project.

Reach 2 required approximately 50,000 cubic yards of excavation for the construction of a 1,200 ft long rectangular concrete lined channel. Excavation work was performed in 15 ft cuts and required one side of the channel to be shared with 36 in CIDH piles, spaced at 6 ft centers and 26 ft deep.

The existing stream was diverted for each individual reach. This was accomplished by installing an earthen dam upstream, running 3,000 ft of 24 in HDPE downstream back into the channel, and pumping with a 12 in submersible pump.