Project Details

Owner: King County, CA

Contract value: $26,115,000


The $26 million Murray Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Project is designed to prevent sewer backups and eventual sewer overflows during heavy rain events in the West Seattle region of the greater Seattle area. In solving this problem, SCCI is constructing a below grade, 100ft diameter, 50ft deep secant pile tank capable of holding one million gallons of sewage. This tank will be the storage device that will replace the existing system set up for a raw sewage discharge to the Puget Sound. In addition to the large below grade tank construction, SCCI will be constructing a facility building with the mechanical piping and electrical systems to properly handle the sewage and tie in to the existing sewer system.

Once the below grade tank and facility building is finished, the facility will be capped with a green roof, sustainable rain garden, and viewing platform looking out onto the Puget Sound. The technical challenges of a cramped project site and tight access make this a project perfect for Shimmick.