Project Details

Owner: Orange County Sanitation District

Contract value: $9,716,000


The Work consists of the following elements:

Demolition of the existing Final Sampler Trailer, and the construction of a new Concrete Final Effluent Sampler Building (FESB). This also includes soils excavation and improvements for the construction of the new FESB.

Relining of the 120-inch Short Ocean Outfall pipeline and sliplining of two gravity pipelines. Abrasive blasting at Surge Tower No.1, coating, welding steel repair plates, spot corrosion repairs, and installation of new stairs.

Construction of new 4-inch and 6-inch Natural Gas pipelines from the existing gas meter structure to the Hunt and Ribal tunnels (approximately 4,000 LF of pipe), testing and commissioning of the new pipelines, and removal of the existing pipelines.

Miscellaneous Improvements within the Project area including, but not limited to, drainage correction, paving removal and replacement (approximately 2.75 acres), and mechanical and electrical modifications to an existing stormwater pump station in the vicinity of the new building.

Construction of landscape and irrigation improvements at Plant No. 2.