Project Details

Owner: City and County of San Francisco

Contract value: $5,589,950


The scope of this contract will restore habitat at five sites within the Peninsula watershed located in unincorporated San Mateo County.

1. The Sherwood Point site is a 2.3 acre area on the point east of where Upper San Mateo Creek enters Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir. The work includes removal of invasive eucalyptus trees and planting of coast live oak in upland areas.

2. The Adobe Gulch Creek South site is a 3.2 acre area located west of Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir along Old Canada Road. The work here includes removal of dense invasive eucalyptus, oak woodland creation, and creation of seasonal wetlands.

3. The Skyline Quarry site is a 13.2 acre area located near Highway 92 in the western portion of the watershed and adjacent to the Fifield Cahill Ridge trailhead. Here the work includes removing 13 acres of non-native pampas grass and planting wetlands.

4. The Skyline Boulevard site is a 9.8 acre area adjacent to Skyline Boulevard west of its intersection with San Bruno Avenue. At this site Shimmick will remove eucalyptus and plant scrub vegetation. Three acres of non-native pine trees will be removed, and a one acre pond will be created.

5. The Upper San Mateo Creek site is a 3.5 acre area located approximately two miles northwest of Lower Crystal Springs Resevoir. Sitework here includes removing non-native pine trees, creating wetlands, and seeding uplands with native grasses.

All sites include a three year plant establishment maintenance period.