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Always a safe bet.

There's no doubt about it – Shimmick is one of the safest contractors around.

Shimmick's multiple award-winning safety program shows that the construction industry recognizes our commitment to building safe projects every step of the way. Our program is built on extensive, specialized training and an intensive hiring process. Safety is the top priority for every Shimmick employee, and annual employee reviews include safety as an area of evaluation.

All salaried employees are required to complete nine safety-related courses and attend regular in-house safety seminars. Many Shimmick employees hold the coveted Construction Health and Safety Technicians Certification. Our specialized rail, dam, and hazardous material training and certification ensures a safe working environment for all.

We emphasize a strong subcontractor safety program, including a safety review of each subcontractor's work prior to the start of a project. Each subcontractor must designate a site safety representative who has completed the 10-hour OSHA training course.

At Shimmick, safety is an important corporate value. We make things happen on a grand scale… always in the safest possible way.