Project Details

Owner: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Contract value: $896,500,000


The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is extending the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) light rail commuter system south from Fremont to San Jose, CA. The Berryessa Extension is the 10-mile, two station first phase of that extension, called BART Silicon Valley. The project's alignment proceeds from the planned Warm Springs BART Station in Fremont on the former Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) right-of-way and ends near Las Plumas Avenue in the City of San Jose.

Since the project crosses through three cities and many densely populated areas, the alignment includes at-grade, trench, and aerial cross-sections. The project requires extensive coordination with the cities, utilities and UPRR.

Both stations will include multi-story parking garages, and connections to nearby highways, existing bus transit, as well as VTA's light rail system. The systems component includes: traction power, a high voltage substation, an Automatic Train Control system, and a communication system.