Project Details

Owner: Orange County Sanitation District

Contract value: $14,895,000


OCSD J-111 Central Generation Control Project - Project located at Plant No.1 at 10844 Ellis Avenue, Fountain Valley and Plant No.2 at 22212 Brookhurst Street, Huntington Beach.

The purpose of this Project is to retrofit the digester gas engines at Plant No. 1 and Plant No.2 to comply with South Coast Air Quality Management.

District Rule 1110.2. The emissions control work to comply with Rule 1110.2 includes installing catalytic oxidizer/selective catalytic reduction systems and digester gas cleaning systems at Plant No. 1 and Plant No.2.

In addition, to the emissions control work, this project installs a steam convertor at Plant No.2, installs a HVAC system at Plant 2, replaces the Plant No.1 and Plant no. 2 CenGen roofs, adds controls to the existing Plant No. 1 Absorption Chillers, refurbish Plant No.2 intake fans, and includes piping modifications to the Plant No.2 cooling water line.