Project Details

Owner: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)

Contract value: $136,750,550


The Fremont Central Park Subway project is Phase 1 of BART’s overall Warm Springs Extension. The extension will add 5.4 miles of new tracks from the existing Fremont Station south to a new station in the Warm Springs District of the City of Fremont. The project consists of 1.5 miles of the new BART line including 0.95 miles of subway. The contract work runs from Walnut Avenue in Fremont to Paseo Padre Parkway. The subway begins between the South Tule Pond, just south of Walnut Avenue, and Stevenson Blvd. It extends underneath Stevenson Blvd., Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth. Structures include the 0.95 miles of cut and cover subway, two BART ventilation structures, retaining walls and three pump structures. For excavation in Lake Elizabeth a coffer dam was installed and the eastern lobe dewatered. Additional work includes a dog park, landscaping, irrigation, utility installation, fencing, lighting, earthwork embankments, paving and drainage systems.