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Women at Shimmick

Shimmick is committed to empowering and supporting women by providing professional and personal development opportunities that affect meaningful changes within the organization.

Women at Shimmick, an employee resource group, is charged with providing programs, events, activities, and other opportunities for professional and personal development for women; building awareness of women’s experience among the general employee population; recruiting and retaining high-performing women at Shimmick; and increasing the number of women in leadership positions.

Big Sister Program

Every female employee who joins Shimmick is paired with a Big Sister to welcome them to the organization. This program aims to create a positive onboarding process and foster relationships with other women throughout the organization.

Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

In addition to the leadership development programs for women, Shimmick is committed to supporting industry participation for all employees. A sample of events and organizations that Shimmick participates in include the following:

Supporting Women at Shimmick

In addition to the leadership development programs for women, Shimmick is committed to continually improving the experiences of women through various initiatives, including the following:

  • Ensuring every jobsite has safety gear that fits women.
  • Implementing company policies that support women and families, like bereavement leave for pregnancy loss.
  • Increasing participation by women at Shimmick in the recruiting and hiring process.
  • Hosting forums in which men and women can have open and honest discussions about diversity and inclusion.
  • Offering training designed specifically for women in construction.

Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week (WIC Week) celebrates and promotes the role of women in the construction industry. Founded by the National Association of Women in Construction, it takes place during the first full week of March dating back to 1998. 
Shimmick is active in celebrating WIC Week by recognizing the achievements and contributions of women in construction, not just those at Shimmick but all women industry-wide. We recognize that women in construction play a vital role in shaping our communities and building a better future through unique perspectives and a skill set that leads to significant contributions to the industry every day. 

Discovery Day for High School Girls

Shimmick hosts Discovery Days for high school girls at project sites that aim to expose high school girls to the construction industry. Students learn about different career paths and have a chance to discuss their own career ambitions. Shimmick’s Executive Chairman Mitch Goldsteen had this to say about this year’s event:

“It was amazing. I was not only impressed with our team but also so proud of Shimmick. The team is filled with people who are passionate about their work, who care to give back and who each had truly fascinating journeys that I was able to hear and learn from. I was thrilled to be able to attend this day for myself and meet our amazing crews.”

  • When we started this group, we had a very frank group discussion about our experience working in construction, and we found we had many things in common. We gained each other’s trust almost immediately because of this opportunity. It was also a great way to meet and support other women in the organization — many of whom I’d never met.

    Women at Shimmick