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Safety, Health and Environment

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Safety, Health and Environment

Shimmick aims to achieve SH&E success through a comprehensive, internal program that incorporates SH&E standards and innovative techniques, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero work-related injuries or illnesses and preventing damage to property and the environment.


Safety — of our employees, our partners and our communities — is at the core of our work. We protect life by ensuring our work is performed safely and through a longstanding commitment to achieving zero accidents and zero injuries in everything we do. Shimmick focuses on leading indicators – building a strong culture of safety through training, mentorship, personal responsibility, continuous improvement, incentive programs and more – designed to safeguard life, property and the environment.

Safety for Life

Our Safety for Life program includes Nine Life Preserving Principles:
  • Demonstrated Management Commitment
  • Employee Participation
  • Budgeting and Staffing for Safety
  • Preplanning
  • Contractor Management
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Safety Orientation and Training
  • Incident Investigations
  • Fit for Duty

Safety Recognition

We recognize that our people are our most valuable asset and are proud that our safety achievements are recognized throughout the industry. Check out some of our more notable and recent safety awards:
  • 2021 CFX Cash Toll Collections Operations: 5 million hours without a lost-time injury
  • 2021 Bayer Quarry: 27 years without a Lost-Time Incident
  • 2019 CFX Cash Toll Collections Operations: United Safety Council, Certificate of Recognition, Outstanding Lost Time Prevention, Vehicle Fleet Safety
  • 2019, 2018, 2017 Bayer Quartzite Quarry: 12, 13, and 14 Years without a Recordable Incident
  • 2018 Nu-West Ponds: 7 Years without a Lost-Time Incident
  • 2018 CFX Cash Toll Collections Operations: United Safety Council, Bronze Award, Outstanding Lost Time Prevention
  • 2018, 2017 Monsanto Quartzite Quarry: Sentinels of Safety recognition
  • 2017 CFX Cash Toll Collections Operations: United Safety Council, Silver Award, Outstanding Lost Time Prevention
  • 2016 AGC California Construction Safety Excellence Award
  • 2016 Associated Builders and Contractors: Safety Training Evaluation Process, Diamond Level
  • 2015 AGC National 1st Place for Safety Excellence in the Federal and Heavy Civil division (300,000 to 700,000 hours)
  • 2015, 2014 Associated Builders and Contractors: Safety Training Evaluation Process, Platinum Level
  • 2015 AGC California Construction Safety Excellence Award
  • 2014 AGC National 2nd Place for Safety Excellence
  • 2013 AGC National 3rd Place for Safety Excellence
  • 2011 United Contractors (California) Excellence in Safety Award
  • 2011 USACE New Orleans District Hurricane Protection Office, Certificate of Appreciation for Superior Safety Performance

Safety Prevention

At Shimmick, we focus on leading indicators and being proactive when it comes to safety. A few of these safety prevention measures are included below:

Safety Certifications

Shimmick provides the educational support our employees need to achieve a wide range of safety certifications, including CHST, STS and SQS certifications. Shimmick’s safety staff are certified OSHA trainers. Safety Managers also hold a Construction Health and Safety Technician certificate.

Safety Recognition Programs

Shimmick’s Safety Recognition Program is designed to motivate employees to reduce and eliminate injuries and accidents, making it a top priority to look out for our fellow employees and others on the job.

New Employee Safety Program

Our new employee program ensures new employees are easily visible to the more experienced employee. New employees are often more likely to be involved in an accident resulting in an injury. As such, our program means new employees are more recognizable and are offered guidance and “Safe Practices” by the more experienced employees.

Subcontractor Safety

Shimmick implements three-phase safety meetings for subcontractors: A preparatory meeting (prior to mobilization); an initial meeting (first day subcontractor is on site) to reiterate our safety policies with the subcontractors fields crews before they start work; and another two weeks after work has begun. We work with subcontractors on maintaining safe practices to ensure work is progressing in a safe manner to avoid any injuries or equipment damage. Weekly safety meetings continue throughout the project duration.

Safety Training

In addition to new employee, subcontractor, and other training, salaried employees and field supervision are required to complete a basic core of twelve safety related courses. They include Alcohol and Substance Abuse Training, Competent Person (Trench) Training, Competent Person Confined Space Training, Crane Safety Training, Fall Protection Competent Person Training, First Aid / CPR Training, GHS/SDS Training, OSHA 10/30 Hour Training, Rigging Competent Person Training and Fleet Safety Training, Competent Person Scaffold Training, and Harassment Training.

Construction Safety Week

Every year, Shimmick participates in Construction Safety Week. Watch Shimmick deliver personal safety messages to employees throughout the week:

  • You are making sure people go home safe without injuries and that is priceless. Your performance and example in the end also helps me with my performance. Thank you so much! For keeping your people safe and maintaining that expectation and value in your culture.

    Mike Veile
    Bayer Crop Science