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One of Shimmick’s unique specialty contracting capabilities includes deep, and challenging foundations. Shimmick’s specialty contracting division, Legacy Foundations, specializes in deep foundation drilling, slope stabilization and shoring systems, ground improvement services, and shaft anomaly repair.

Shimmick has constructed foundations in numerous conditions and soil types, recently completing a series of 300-foot-deep foundations in one of the world’s most challenging geological formations for the Honolulu International Airport Guideway System in Hawaii.

Shoring and Excavation

Shimmick has successfully performed deep excavations in the most challenging locations and geotechnical conditions up and down the west coast. From excavating dredged alluvium at the base of an embankment dam to creating space below ground for commercial sky scraper parking garage in the heart of San Francisco, Shimmick has the capability to get the work done safely and efficiently.

In addition to self-performing excavation, Shimmick also has the capability to perform the support of excavation. Regardless of the geotechnical conditions, Shimmick has a solution for safely supporting excavations, including but not limited to, soldier pile and lagging, cement deep soil mixed cutoff walls, secant pile shoring walls, internally braced excavations as well as ground anchors to support shoring walls. Our team is well-equipped to handle the most complex and challenging excavation and shoring projects.

Deep, Drilled Shaft Foundations

Shimmick maintains a modern fleet of heavy construction drilling equipment for efficient construction of deep, drilled shaft foundations and offers significant experience designing and constructing large-scale, challenging projects to the highest technical standard.

Slope Stabilization and Shoring

Shimmick uses slope reinforcement techniques such as anchors, piles and soil nails to mitigate the dangers that slopes can pose to structures and the lives within them. To stabilize a slope, first the depth of the failure plane is identified. Then, piles, soil nails, anchors or columns are inserted at an angle through the failure plane into the stable material underneath. This network of structural elements acts as a web that stabilizes the slope and alleviates the risk of collapse.

Ground Improvements

Shimmick mitigates difficult and dangerous soil conditions with sophisticated ground improvement techniques. Our ground improvement increases the load bearing capacity of the soil while decreasing the risk of settlement and liquefaction. We will analyze each site to determine which type of ground improvement is best for the structure and the soil conditions particular to that site. We offer extensive experience in numerous techniques, including dynamic compaction, vibro replacement (stone columns), soil mixing, and tip grouting.