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Several long-term trends have resulted in a renewed focus on infrastructure development and funding in the United States. Droughts and flooding in the west, along with extreme weather along coastal states, have demonstrated the need for expanded water and storm water infrastructure, flooding mitigation and disaster recovery efforts. In addition, our nation’s infrastructure, much of it built more than 50 years ago, has deteriorated over the last several decades.

Due to water’s essential nature, climate change, coastal population growth, aging infrastructure, regulatory requirements, and the need for infrastructure resilience, we anticipate the demand for water infrastructure to continue to grow. 

As a market leader in water and other critical infrastructure, Shimmick is well-positioned to capitalize on our nation’s unprecedented growth and continue to deliver solutions for our customers. Shimmick’s solutions provide clean water, enhance connectivity, drive economic development, mitigate disasters, and enable efficient trade.

Our water treatment solutions ensure access to clean and safe drinking water, protecting public health and reducing waterborne diseases. Other water infrastructure protects communities from flood damage, safeguards lives, and protects property. Along the nation’s inland waterways, our projects enhance connectivity, trade, and economic growth. 

Over the past 30 years, we have developed strong relationships with major infrastructure owners. In fact, most of our revenue is generated from repeat customers, leveraging established relationships, familiarity with expectations, and enhanced collaboration for improved outcomes. We have delivered solutions for our clients under many different types of contracts, including Build-Finance, CM/GC, CM-at-Risk, Progressive Design-Build, Early Contractor Involvement and more.