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Other Critical Infrastructure

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Other Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure keeps our nation’s economy strong and our communities safe.

Critical infrastructure refers to the systems, assets, and facilities that are essential for the functioning and well-being of our nation, like mass transit and rail, military infrastructure, energy infrastructure, and transportation. This infrastructure is vital for maintaining national security, public health and safety, and economic stability. Disruptions or failures in critical infrastructure can have significant consequences and impact the functioning of society.

In addition to water, we build, retrofit, expand, rehabilitate, operate, and maintain this critical infrastructure. Our solutions help enable smooth and efficient movement of people and goods, foster trade, address environmental sustainability, and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities.

Shimmick also possesses specialty expertise to meet the specific needs of our infrastructure customers. For example, Shimmick offers expertise, through its specialty contracting division Legacy Foundations, in deep foundation drilling, slope stabilization and shoring systems, ground improvement services, and shaft anomaly repair that is often required for large bridges, elevated transit systems, and buildings.

Mass Transit and Rail

As a top ten builder of mass transit and rail, Shimmick has a long history of delivering rail projects, maintenance facilities, and stations, as well as performing long-term operations and maintenance for rail and transit owners. Shimmick has delivered numerous projects throughout California, including high-speed rail, grade separations, streetcars and trolleys, subways, bus rapid transit, and more. In New Jersey, Shimmick has been operating and maintaining the Hudson-Bergen Rail Line for more than 20 years.

Shimmick also possesses the in-house ability to deliver electrical power solutions for transit and rail projects. Shimmick’s involvement in rail electrification has kept us abreast of the latest technology, design, and products. These solutions include traction power, rail signaling, overhead catenary, train controls, and more. 

Military Infrastructure

Shimmick delivers infrastructure solutions for the military, like the Point Loma Navy Fuel Pier Replacement. This project was necessary to ensure the safe and efficient refueling of naval ships and to meet current operational and safety standards. Shimmick has also delivered numerous projects for the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers.

Mining Infrastructure

Shimmick and its legacy companies have been delivering solutions for mining clients for more than fifty years. We help clients meet environmental remediation needs, like tailings ponds closures, which help prevent the release of harmful chemicals or other pollutants into the surrounding environment. We also provide contract administration, maintenance, procurement and logistics, quality, and safety management for our private customers. In fact, our safety results have been recognized with multiple awards, most recently for working nearly two decades without a single recordable incident for one of our long-term customers. 


Consistently ranked a top 50 builder of transportation by ENR, Shimmick delivers transportation projects throughout the west and in select markets across the U.S. Our solutions include bridges, ports, piers, berths, tunnels, and other critical infrastructure to address aging infrastructure challenges and keep our nation’s people and goods moving safely and efficiently.