Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Critical Improvements

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Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Critical Improvements

The City of Richmond’s Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges treated wastewater into the San Francisco Bay. In 2010, the plant was identified as needing rehabilitation. Since then, the City has implemented high-priority upgrades to the plant, most recently adding a new secondary clarifier and modifying existing clarifiers, for improved wastewater treatment.

As part of this project, Shimmick will significantly improve the level of treatment the wastewater receives before discharging into the San Francisco Bay, reducing environmental impacts and allowing the City to meet current and future discharge regulations. This work also improves the health and safety of plant operators by eliminating aerosols of wastewater created from its outdated aeration system. It also makes room for future plant expansion.

Shimmick will demolish the unused solids handling facilities and prepare the site for future facilities. Shimmick is also constructing a new electrical building as well as a new blower building. We are upgrading the existing aeration basins, replacing the existing mechanical surface aerators with a more efficient forced-air diffusion system, among other work.

This project is part of a larger plan to rehabilitate the plant’s aging infrastructure to improve both operational efficiency as well as the quality of water discharged into the Bay.

Project Details

Location:Richmond, CA
Amount: $33.7M
Delivery Method:Bid-Build
Client Name:City of Richmond
Duration: 2021-2023