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Richmond WWTP Critical Improvements Project

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Richmond WWTP Critical Improvements Project

The City of Richmond WWTP plant discharges its treated wastewater into the San Francisco (SF) Bay and the plant was identified, in 2010, as needing rehabilitation. The City has been upgrading the plant over the last 10 years with a most recent addition of a new secondary clarifier and modifications to their existing clarifiers.

This project significantly improves the level of treatment the wastewater receives before discharging into the SF Bay allowing the City to comply with current and future discharge regulations, improving the health and safety of the plant operators by eliminating aerosols of wastewater created from its outdated aeration system, and demoing some mothballed structures which makes room for future plant expansion.

Shimmick’s work includes but is not limited to temporary foul air scrubber and RS bypasses to facilitate demolition and re-construction of the existing grit removal and odor control systems; demolition of unused solids handling facilities and site preparation for future facilities; demolition of unused electrical building and construction of a new electrical building; demolition of unused Daft Tank No. 1 and construction of the new Blower Building; and upgrades to existing aeration basins including replacement of the existing mechanical surface aerators in the aeration basins with a more efficient forced-air diffusion system that includes diffusers and blowers.

Rehabilitation of the headworks and aeration facilities improves operational efficiency and downstream processes of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) system. This project continues the work of rehabilitating the WWTP which have been identified as needing rehabilitation as reported in the 2010 Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan and 2016 City of Richmond WWTP Facility Plan.

Project Details

Location:Richmond, CA
Amount: $33.7M
Delivery Method:Bid-Build
Client Name:City of Richmond
Duration: 2021-2023
  • Shimmick did a remarkable job of coming into the emergency situation and analyzing the needs of CDOT…. Everyone was extremely professional and went over and above to address the flooding issues at multiple locations in Northeastern Colorado.

    Colorado Department of Transportation