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North City Pure Water Facility

As part of the PURE program to upgrade San Diego’s water treatment system, Shimmick was the selected contractor to deliver the $356 million contract to construct the new North City Pure Water Facility.

Groundwater Replenishment System Expansion

The existing 100 million gallons per day (mgd) Advanced Water Treatment

Miramar Reservoir Pump Station Improvement Project – K-22-2058-DBB-3

The project consists of improvements to the existing 100-million gallon per day (MGD) Miramar Reservoir Pump Station.

Antioch Brackish Water Desalination Project

The project will allow the city to preserve its water rights and provide inhabitants with approximately 6 million gallons of potable water per day.

P1-133 Primary Sedimentation Basins No. 6-31 Reliability Improvements at Plant No. 1

This project is located at Plant No. 1 and the P1-133 portion, replaces the primary influent splitter box launders, replaces primary sludge pumps and VFDs, and installs a foul air sump pump.
P1-133 Primary Sedimentation Basins No. 6-31 Reliability Improvements_basin building construction in Huntington Beach, California.

Natomas Mutual Water Company Riverside Pumping Plant Replacement

Project Work Includes: Select demolition of the existing pumping plant structure, including structural, mechanical, and electrical components; the existing Pump House will remain in place.

Curtain Wall Repairs and Backfilling at B Street Pier

The Curtain Wall Repairs and Storm water Improvements at B Street Pier Project is a structural rehabilitation and storm water infrastructure upgrade for the Port of San Diego’s B Street Pier.

Santiago Canyon Pump Station Improvements

The work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary for the improvement of the Santiago Canyon Pump Station at 5 locations along Silverado Canyon.

Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Critical Improvements

This project will significantly improve the level of treatment the wastewater receives before discharging into the SF Bay allowing the City to comply with current and future discharge regulations, improving the health and safety of the plant operators by eliminating aerosols of wastewater created from its outdated aeration system, and demoing some mothballed structures which […]
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