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At Shimmick, we believe in celebrating our exceptional employees. The Wall of Fame is dedicated to co-workers who make remarkable contributions – big or small – and continually elevate our company to new heights. Join us in applauding those who shine brightly on Shimmick’s Wall of Fame!

Color options: gray, blue, red, yellow, green or teal


“When under pressure, the team comes together to make sure that we have what we need.” – IT Colleague


“Enrique is the project manager for our Lewisville project. The project got off to a slow start with a tough Owner. It’s been over a year now, Enrique and his team have persevered thru many obstacles. Thru his/their continuous open collaboration, creative problem-solving and transparency with the owner he and team are helping to deliver the project under budget and ahead of schedule. GO TEAM LEWISVILLE!!” – Mike, National


“The overall commitment to the Vision and Mission Statement to Shimmick, Projects and the Families. The Soutwest Safety Team consistently strive to be their best in all aspects.” – Al Kelly, Safety Director, Safety


“Peter is always willing to help out and work through issues to help keep work moving forward. He is a team player that is willing to go the extra mile, while keeping a positive attitude.” – Diego Diaz, Engineer, Northwest Division


“Jason has stepped up tremendously in the absence of our previous lead engineer. His dedication to making sure our SCCI craft have their work plans and JHAs prior to beginning the work has been a great help. As well as checking in and making sure our subcontractors are following the correct drawings and specs for building their scope of work on a day to day basis.” – Hugo Cajbon/ Superintendent / Northwest


“Nick is always going above and beyond to help foreman, crew, colleagues, manager, and superintendent. He is the go to guy for any questions we have. Nick’s dedication to learn, solve problems, critical thinking is highly motivating and it encourages all of us to push our limits and make it happen!” – Akhila Reddy, Engineer, Northwest


“Billy is the best coworker. He is like a ball of energy, especially on Mondays. I am glad to be on the same team as Billy. He coordinates everything in his area while keeping everyone in the loop about the changes at the same time. Thanks, Billy! Keep being you!! You are doing an awesome job!!” – Darsh Patel


“She goes above and beyond expectation, she is innovative, supportive, a real team leader. Thank you for being the person you are, your always there to help out whenever anybody asks, and even if they don’t. ” – Jennifer Ruiz, Supervisor, Conway Plaza


“Carmen should be recognized on Shimmick’s “Wall of Fame” for her exceptional work ethic and the positive influence she has on the team. Her dedication and strong work ethic set a commendable example for her colleagues, creating a motivated and productive work environment.” – Ethan Standen, Sponsor, Electrical Division


“Zak goes above and beyond with whatever he is asked to do. Paperwork ie, proposals, plans, reports, financial tracking, follow up on all safety items as well as time cards and job transfers is impeccable. The greatest characteristic to watch is his involvement with craft. Genuine care and respect is seen throughout the group.
As a manager having Zak makes the job enjoyable. A huge cog in the wheel and is one of the greatest people you would want to cross paths with in your lifetime.” – Alex Gerke Manager Mitigation Group


“Sandy is the ultimate team player – going the extra mile to find solutions to technical and non-technical issues including all aspects of payroll and office management. For the duration of the project, she coordinated the payroll of multiple trades with different pay rules, different pay days, and different shifts as the job ran almost 24 hours a day, 5-7 days a week. Sandy kept us all moving forward, day in and day out.” – Erin Brosnan, Project Sponsor, Northwest


“There really are way too many positive things I can say about Nathalia, she is quick to help, when she says she’ll do something without a doubt she does it. Although much of what she does is behind the scenes, it’s her hard work and dedication to her job that keeps safety managers like myself on top of things out in the field. Examples of all of our core values are easily noticeable in everything she does. Nathalia is also an easy choice for a “Woman in Construction” spotlight next year!!! I appreciate everything you do.” – Jeff Feri, Safety Manager, Northwest Division


“Jacob goes above and beyond working long hours, streamlining processes, and takes on additional responsibilities to move the Accounting and Finance department forward each and every day. He embodies our core values and leads with these in mind. ” – Devin Nordhagen, CFO


“I’d like to recognize Heather for going above and beyond with an audit issue I was having. She was able to show me how she pulled up a PO batch that had been posted and the invoices that pertained to the amount on an email I received from someone for an audit. I love that she took the time to call me on teams and I appreciate her assistance with this.” – Maria Valadez, AP Specialist


“The entire team has worked tirelessly building a great job, navigating thru many challenges with lots of communication while working at the San Diego Airport. Team effort has been safe, met quality, environmental, and schedule standards. The team changed drilling procedures from polymer to temporary cased shafts (innovative), mobilized to and from each end of the project and throughout and interfaced with many different trades. They worked with Flatiron/Turner building long lasting relationships, initiated and held weekly scheduling production meetings with (transparency) at the forefront. Great overall team effort! ” – Forest Badeaux, Project Sponsor, Legacy Foundations


“Our Administrative Assistant Team Sharlene & Tazmin go above and beyond daily for our project. Whether it’s attending in prompt to meetings, assisting in attention to safety matters or coordinating staff events they unselfishly come through!” – Joy Hadfield, HR Generalist, O&M


“I would like to recognize Jennie for her outstanding attitude every day, her willingness to help our other team members, and her positive approach to daily tasks and problem solving. She does whatever it takes to help keep our projects running smoothly.” – Dave Jenkins Project Manager National


“Omar goes above and beyond on his day-to-day tasks. He is always available to help in all aspects of our job. He is an excellent engineer, and continues to grow as a leader and team builder.” – Hugo Cajbon / Construction Superintendent / Northwest


“Jason just joined Shimmick as a fresh new employee of 3 months and he has demonstrates high passion and a good learning attitude throughout his time here. He plans his work in advance of the day, delivers and is a team player!” – Aaron Lai, PM, Northwest


“Tiffany is a very proactive woman. She has an awesome attitude and brings a lot of great new ideas for us to improve. Great leader!” – Ashley Rodriguez


“Victor has a great attitude and is always willing to help others.” – Joshua D Scalf, Superintendent Mech


“Always going above and beyond to make it happen for our projects! She’s willing to hop on a call and provide explanations anytime you have questions. Most importantly, there were a handful of times where she has turned around insurance reviews within the same hour. Huge help to Operations!” – Taylor Gross, Business Administration Manager, Northwest

Project Manager

“Even though Jamie is incredibly busy as a Project Director he is always the first person to line up to help in business development calls or proposal writing. Lending his years of operational experience and empirical knowledge constantly improves our sales process and the value of our sales meetings, presentations or proposal responses. ” – Mike Pellegrino, Business Development

Document Control Clerk


“Laura handles the thankless job of document control for Job 240. Her work is exceptionally neat and orderly. She is almost always one of the first people in the office. Her calm and cheery demeanor has been a welcome addition among the chaotic personalities of construction.” – Matthew Scott, Field Engineer

Toll Plaza Manager


“Santos really goes that extra mile as a manager. I want to give a special thanks to him for making all of his employees feel comfortable and treating all of us as equals.” – Janet Marrero , Toll Collector

Toll Service Attendant


“Guillermo is an excellent coworker who is always there to help when other employees call out. Guillermo, you are my hero! God bless you. Y que te cuide manejando cuando sales despues de hacer tantos dobles de noche, no se tu aguantas, te admiro!” – Fatima Sánchez,

Electrical Engineer


“Casey stepped up to the plate to assist the project team with additional civil needs as they faced unexpected staffing changes. He is currently multi-tasking with his duties as an Electrical Engineer while also a taking on a large share of the civil engineering responsibilities. Casey has shown great responsibility and taken ownership of the new workload and has not complained about the additional work to date.” – Jason Youngblood Electrical General Foreman, MEP

Information Technology


This team of knowledgeable, dedicated SME’s have worked together for over a year. They have supported one another through two rounds of end-to-end testing on over 20 CMiC modules, quickly identifying and resolving issues to successfully launch on schedule. Congratulations to this highly-skilled collaborative cross-functional team for achieving their goal to deliver this complicated upgrade! – Rhonda Carlson, IT Projects & Process Manager

Safety Directory, Legacy Foundations


Al has been instrumental in helping us get PPE that fits women onto all of our job sites. He’s gone above and beyond to Make It Happen. A true Shimmick leader. Thank you, Al! – Christie DeLuca, Director of Strategy

Bonds Administrator


Chris is a great person to work with. His organization and consistency help everyone on the Estimating team at Shimmick. Chris can always be counted on to get the job done. He deserves a lot of credit for Making It Happen. – Stephanie Mills, Estimating Assistant

IT HelpDesk Support


Josh puts everything he has into his work every day. He watches for replies from end users and if able will take the support issue and roll with it. He never complains and is always a pleasure to work with. Josh maintains a level of support for those he assists that is remarkable. His actions have helped keep the computers in line, and made sure that users are able to continue to work and be productive and not fall behind. – Dennis Jackson, IT Helpdesk Support

Quality Control Inspector


Ben is always helping people with various tasks at work and providing any and all information needed. Both on and off the project, he is always willing to lend a helping hand and encourages everyone around him to do their best. – Grant Watson, Intern

Call Center


Lead Laura goes the extra mile to ensure the Call Center is running smoothly by assigning tasks when we are overstaffed. She also assists our Customer Service Representatives on calls, and questions. Laura steps in and takes charge when the Supervisors are occupied. She takes priority to ensure our representatives are safe and feel valued. – Jorge Mena, Workforce Management Analyst

OM South Department


Christina is a ROCKSTAR! She truly is the meaning of a great co-worker and more. She is always ready to help, learn and take on any task provided. No matter how much she is overloaded, she is willing to stop and help in any way possible! – Naté Gartin, Accounting/AR/Subcontracts

Senior Pursuit Specialist


Jolynn never shies away from additional responsibilities and is always willing to go the extra mile to help out and get things done. She is a valuable resource for keeping the estimating department’s information organized, consistent and accurate. She is a great advocate for doing things the right way not always the easy way and is the person I trust most to double check my work. – Stephanie Mills, Estimating Assistant

CSC Supervisor


Jarvis shows strong leadership skills in his role as a Supervisor. He coaches and mentors his staff to help them improve so they are successful at providing world class customer service to WSDOT’s customers. He has rarely ever missed a day of work and he is a great help to not only the customer service representatives but to the other Supervisors. We all appreciate Jarvis very much! – Ashley Brumett, CSC Supervisor

Assistant Project Manager


Sasha always goes the extra mile, enforcing safety, and quality. Sasha never settles for less, holds the accountability with integrity of herself and others, does whatever it takes to get it done, and for what is of the highest good of the company. – Forest Badeaux, Project Sponsor

Legacy Foundations


Kent has brought the equipment AD and LD to a much needed higher level of Safety along with Quality second to none. Thanks for looking out for everyone all these years, Kent. Your always making sure everyone goes above and beyond along with you. – Frank Prosser, Operations General Superintendent

CSC Manager


Ashley has stepped up in her role as a CSC Manager and has done a phenomenal job. She is always available to listen, assist, and take care of any issue that comes her way. She makes sure that any work she submits is to the “T” of the request. Overall she consistently goes above and beyond to deliver high-quality solutions and performance to the project and the client. – Casey Stewart, Training Specialist

Compliance Officer, Southwest & MEP Estimating


Trina is an awesome person and excellent teammate. I’ve never met anyone who cares and is more passionate about what they do than Trina. She cares deeply both about her job and the people she works with. Trina truly goes above and beyond to make sure that the estimating departments are submitting compliant and responsive bids to comply with each owner’s unique DBE/SBE requirements. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable to the estimating team. – Stephanie Mills, Estimating Assistant, Southwest Division

Payroll/Operations Coordinator, O&M, Central FL Expressway Tolls Project


Ed does whatever it takes to get the job done. He works alone on weekends and comes in earlier than others on weekdays—just to be sure over 250 Shimmick and Agency employees have their time reported correctly and by the due date. No one is aware of all the behind-the-scenes work this requires, but the expectations are always met. And pay checks are always noticed. Thanks, Ed. When I hear the “ding” on my cell phone over 150 times for each individual Shimmick employee’s time entered by you, I know you are up EARLY and the JOB IS GETTING DONE! – Bob Ohman, Business Manager, O&M, CFX Tolls Project 31638 Orlando, FL

Field Engineer – Chickamauga Lock Replacement Project


Manuel is a team player. He is always there to help anyone. He embodies our core value of Mutual Trust & Support. Manuel, thanks for your efforts to always give the extra mile. —Ashley Rodriguez, Field Engineer Manuel embodies all of Shimmick’s core values. He is constantly thinking about safety and keeping others safe during work activities. He takes pride in what he does and strives for excellence. Manuel is a free thinker and inspires others to do the same. He takes ownership of his duties and responsibility for his actions. Manuel is very charismatic and has great working relationships with all craft and staff. He is always a team player, doing the right things for the good of the project. He helps keep the formwork on schedule for the entire project, always looking ahead for formwork needs or changes. He helps keep the flow of work as smooth as possible and coordinates with everyone involved to get the job done right. Manuel, your positive attitude and work ethic are contagious to all around you. You have played a vital role in the planning and execution of our project. Keep up the good work, brother! – Adam (AJ) Schaefer, Field Construction Superintendent, National Division, Chickamauga Lock Replacement Project

North City Pure Water Facilities Project


He takes pride in what he does. Despite his long tenure with the company, he works the long hours and leads our Mechanical department. Always thinking about a way to make things better and encouraging his team and the project team. – Tomonori Kamimura, P.E.



One person I admire in the company is Forest Badeaux because of his positivity and constant effort to help others. Although it is easy in construction to let emotions get the best of you, Forest shows his passion by analyzing a problem and thinking of out-of-the-box solutions. – asha Zagorski, Foundations Engineer, Legacy Foundations



“Kim has gone above and beyond in terms of team building, helping me get up to speed as the new Tax Director at Shimmick. In addition, she has spent time she doesn’t have, digging into our Indirect tax matters, that are outside her area of responsibility. Overall, she has made my onboarding a very pleasurable experience, and she clearly has demonstrated being a team-player while jumping into tax matters while there was a gap in the tax director role.” – Mark Montoya, Tax Director, Finance



“Carlos is a superstar. Any issue that needs to be resolved, he knuckles down and finds the way through it. Carlos consistently provides high quality responses that are consistent with contract requirements and constructability.” – Chickamauga Lock Colleague



“Steve is dedicated, reliable and always strives to do the best he can do for all jobs he is involved in. Thank you for being a valuable contributor to the success of our team and projects!” – Natalie Cocca, Office Manager, NW



“Jason, aka Bullet, leads our embedded metals team every day with the mindset of safety first, quality second, and production last. He is a great team builder, and always knows how to pick us up when we’re down. His dedication and focus on the team, rather than the work itself is inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside him. He addresses issues calmly and professionally; he doesn’t make quick rash decisions. He makes sure we are doing things the right way in accordance with plans, specs, and within safety guidelines.” – Tiffany Jones, Construction Engineer, Chick Lock Replacement, National Division



“Great at her job. Questions things that need to be questioned. Very timely and efficient.” – Jay Spacke, CM, National



“Jana recently had a very challenging IT issue where her account would get locked several times a day. It took quite some time to pinpoint the issue to her phone trying to connect to the wifi. Through the entire frustrating process, she never lost her cool and kept up with the support desk team the entire time. Updating us of any issues or changes. The amount of patience he had with this was nothing short of amazing. Thank you for all that you do for the support desk team!” – Dennis Jackson, Support Specialist, Corporate



“Will came back to the team this summer as an intern at the Chick Lock project taking on the role of Area Engineer for 9 monoliths. It was a challenging task and had to get up to speed in a short time period, and he did it well. He always checks in with each team member to see if there’s anything he can do to support, gets into the details to make sure activities are properly coordinated as well as ensure all fully understand the requirements shown in plans/specs, and most of all can execute the work in the safest way.” – Tiffany Jones


“Dan has consistently worked on meeting the schedule, by personally overseeing rebar production. He leads from the front and properly communicates to his craft. His dedication is truly an asset to the project and its success.” – Will Mccoy, Engineering Intern, National


“When we were with Trip Actions, Debbie was always there to help me, but now that we switched to Concur, she has been so helpful in showing me the best way to complete my expense reports, including the correct cost coding. She’s always upbeat and never conveys that I’m bothering her when I’m asking for assistance. She is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate her efforts!! Thank you Debbie!!” – Deborah Heden, Corporate


“Victor is the oiler for the LB 45, and always has a good attitude when he comes into work. When working next to an open hole, or working on the oscillator deck during the pour, he always has his harness on and reminds people stepping on the deck of the oscillator to tie off before they are in an unsafe position. Great work ethic and crew member. Thanks for all your hard work and safety driven attitude.” – Richard Howells, Superintendent Legacy Foundations


“Holger is the PE on our High Speed Rail Project and he has gone above and beyond the anticipated needs requested from him. Holger has made the JCR his. He has made sure the JCR is accurate and takes a progressive role to ensure any misreporting’s in the report are quickly resolved. As far as Safety goes he is constantly the staff member with the most safety observation each week.” – Roger Nunez, Assistant Project Manager, Legacy Foundations


“Marbelis is always well organized, focused and aware of the project activities and needs. As a Project Controls Scheduler, she supports many in their daily activities, always going above and beyond expectations! We all appreciate her.

She is a true asset to our Lewisville TX Project, our Team and Shimmick Construction! Thank you for all you do!” – Tamara Duhamel, Business Manager, National Division


“Cleveland is one of the most supportive employees. He is always willing to teach you something new that will help you. He doesn’t mind passing on knowledge from his experience as an MOW employee. He is a great Foreman.” – Atiba Henderson, Warehouse worker, Management


“Agustin has shown tremendous growth in the field, working his way up from the ground to becoming a drill rig operator. Outstanding leadership leading by example in safety and quality of work.” – Mike Gomez, Superintendent, Legacy Foundations


“Santos is easy to work with, very understanding and helpful to all employees – a real team player!” – Sandia Watson Toll Supervisor


“Maria is an example of what a team player is, she has been working all shifts: 1st, 2nd and 3rd to help out the plaza. Maria does volunteer to do extra work, she learns quick and shares information with all coworkers. Maria is always safety alert and ensures all employees are as well. Next month Maria will celebrate 20 years working with us.” – Ana Gonzalez – Toll Service Manager


“While I was away on medical leave Casey stepped up and handled my job duties without complaint. He was more than happy to help and support me during my absence (actually all of my Shimmick did)! The client was impressed with the seamless transition from me leaving and him taking over. I am so grateful that he is team player!” – Ashley Brumett, CSC Manager, Northwest


“Dan is the head of maintenance on the job and he always make it happen, whatever may arise he gets the job done so there can be progress made on the jobsite, safely and efficiently.” – Mike Thomason, Nightshift Maintenance Superintendent Chickamauga Lock and Dam project


“Doug has been a leader for the MOW workers, not only coaching, encouraging, and teaching in a safe manner on how to properly do their job, but has also always been a listening ear for employees that have work related issues. Doug finds the solution to the problem and get things done in a timely manner.” – Atiba Henderson, Warehouse Worker, Office


“Daniel is always a pleasant person to work with. He goes above and beyond when we are working together and is always eager to learn about every aspect of being a great Analyst in our department.” – Irene Hardenbrook, Quality Assurance Analyst, WSDOT Good to Go program


“Chris Ponds is a great person to work with. His knowledge and consistency helps everyone on the team perform like a well oiled machine. Chris can always be counted on to get the job done!” – Kamal Aswad, Field Engineer, Southwest


“Derek was the leader of a recently completed project which required additional hours and days beyond our normal work schedule. He did this without hesitation and motivated his team to do the same. Through his leadership and skills this project was completed with out incident, on time and below budget. His overall performance was excellent.” – Dave Jenkins, Project Manager

Mechanical Estimator


“I appreciate how helpful Phil has been to helping me learn and grow. I strive to eventually hold my own on a project rather than just assisting and I feel more confident in being able to do so under Phil’s guidance.” – Reginald Tubao, Mechanical Estimator

Electrical Engineer


“Marcos is very detailed and thorough with all his work. I’ve never met anyone who cares and is more passionate about what they do than Marcos. He cares deeply about both, his job and the people he works with. He excels in his position, but is also such a positive and kind person who encourages and pushes people forward. Thanks for your efforts to always go the extra mile.” – Wael Hafez, Electrical Engineer

Field Engineer


“Joey has been instrumental on Job 237 Foster City from the on start. He understands the contract specifications clearly and has the ability to plan and manage his production team well! Together with Hugo Cajbon, they scored in beating the concrete bid production for the job. Glad to have him on the team. All the best as he moves on to the Mosquito Bridge project!” – Aaron Lai,

Customer Service Supervisor, Good to Go!


Jarvis is such a wonderful person all around. He does a fantastic job keeping everyone safe and working hard. Jarvis helps everyone with respect and support. With his actions the teams AHT has gone down and CSR’s are more productive. – Lisa Winfield, Supervisor, Good to Go!

Project Administrator


Ms. Millar is the heart and sole of our MOW department. She keeps it all together in so many ways. She’s way more then an administrators assistant. And she’s been doing it for more the 30 years. – Douglas Graves, MOW Supervisor, HBLR



Maria is a true team player. She is so detailed and thorough with all of her work she basically spoils anyone who is lucky enough to work with her. She excels phenomenally at her work but is also such a positive and kind person to be around. My group depends on her often for accurate CPR submission – Linda Loera, Project Controls Manager, Legacy

Administration Manager & COVID Coordinator


Jana looks out for everyone’s safety. She stepped up to accept the roll of Covid Coordinator for our site, a task in itself, and generally looks out for all of us. She maintains inventories on all of the supplies that keep us going in our clerical duties as well as the supplies needed for our comfort. She goes above and beyond to build relationships with our staff as well as the craft on our project. She handles our orientation sessions and makes it a point to acknowledge and remember our craft employee’s names. Jana shows respect for each individual as if they are President of the company. I honestly don’t know what we would do without her. – Amy Coffman, Receiving & AP Clerk

OM South Department


The amount of work and dedication April puts in every day is worth 2-3 people at one time. She is always there to help and get the job done with a smile. Always looking and asking to see how she can make it better or easier for all. Any time I need anything she is there and always quick to respond! – Naté Gartin, Accounting/AR/Subcontracts

Training Specialist I, Northwest Division, Good To Go!


Sean is increasingly developing into a highly effective trainer. He does a great job at making sure the class is accounted for, handles documents of training updates, and has continuously received positive feedback for his engaging training style. – Casey Stewart, Training Manager

Quality Assurance Supervisor


Kody has done a great job at stepping up for his role as a Quality Assurance Supervisor. Not only does he ensure things are running smoothly with his direct reports, he is always happy to assist outside of his role by helping with new hire training. Kody brings a lot of technical knowledge and does a fantastic job at translating that to all roles he coordinates with. – Casey Sterwart, Training Manager, WSDOT

IT Service Delivery Specialist


Sean has always been willing to help out on any topic that is brought to his attention. His work ethic is fantastic and he is very responsive and reliable. When he is given, or takes on a task, you can rest assured he is handling it, and the results are always positive. He has a very approachable personality and almost always in a good mood. And he gets my jokes most of the time. The IT Team is more productive and a more enjoyable environment with Sean in IT! – Steve Curtis, Systems Manager

Legacy Foundations


Frank has shown ongoing initiative, leadership, and dedication. He has made a measurable impact over the last couple of months as a passionate foreman. He has clearly exemplified the virtue of a good team player by simply going over and above to help his team. Frank will set aside his own work and go out into the yard to help his crew we needed. Frank is always willing to learn something new and take on more tasks. He is a great communicator and he is not afraid to “Make it Happen” no matter what it takes. – Jamie Lutz, Legacy Equipment Division



Grey’s diligence in completing his form-work drawings and calculations allows the field engineers, superintendents, and craft to seamlessly perform their tasks. – Christian Barnhill, SH&E Specialist

Structures Engineer


Shub always puts forth an amazing effort in completing work plans, documentation, and RFI’s. Shub has an knack for organizing his day to cover all his tasks and still has a jovial personality and is uplifting to everyone around him. I am happy to work with him. – Charles Robinett

Trainmaster, Hudson Bergen Light Rail


I have learned everything I know from Nick. His training of all new operators and the care he takes with everyone is outstanding. I know when he is manning the post, all will be as it should. What I truly admire most about Nick is that he has amazing team-building skills. – Crystal McDonagh, Transportation Manager, Hudson Bergen Light Rail

Business Analyst, Southwest Division


Christina made the closeout of my project run very smoothly, all while balancing her time between other projects. No matter how many things she had going on, she always found a way to manage her work and solve the problems at hand. She always had the answers, had a great attitude, and provided a quick response to get the task done quickly and accurately. Because of her hard work, we were able to get all change orders completed and all our retention released. I’m sure it’s stressful for Christina to be working on several projects and many other company tasks at the same time, but she always has a great attitude and is so personable. She is a hard worker and a true asset to the company. We are very lucky to have her working at Shimmick. – Brian Larsen, Senior Project Manager, Southwest Division

MEP Electrical Superintendent


Anthony Thomas took on the role of Electrical Superintendent for the MEP Division in the Pacific Northwest at a challenging point in time. Colleagues such as myself were reassigned to help out on other projects, yet he took on the role with a positive attitude. Prior to his current role, he was the electrical general foreman for the Sound Transit E320 South Bellevue Extension project, a role he has led with our core value of empowerment and responsibility since 2016. In late 2020, after showing great interest in how Shimmick pursues new work, he was also incorporated as a key member of the estimating team and now leads project estimates for the MEP Division, in addition to leading the testing, commissioning, and punch list efforts for the systems and electrical scope of work among the E320 project. Anthony, thanks for all of your hard work and dedication here at Shimmick. -John Haddad, PNW Job Sponsor, MEP Division

SW Business Analyst


Christina is the ultimate team member. She is always ready, willing, and able to do the hard work to get the task completed on time. She is creative in her solutions to problems and goes the extra mile for our projects and her team members. Christina circles the entire task at hand and covers all the bases to not only complete the work but strive for excellence. Christina, you are so appreciated! Thank you for all your tremendous efforts on behalf of all Southwest job personnel. You continually put us first. – Rita Crow, Southwest Business Manager Southwest Division

Information Technology


Izzy is the embodiment of all our Core Values however, I chose Empowerment and Responsibility because this is the one, I think of when I think of Izzy. For any task he has been given he takes ownership and over delivers on all expectations. When he finds a process that isn’t working, he works through a discovery process and then comes up with solutions and shares them with the team. He works side by side with our employees to make sure they are always taken care of. I have 100% confidence in any task that is assigned to him. – Mitch O’Dell

Job 240 PURE and has provided support for many Southwest


Projects Hilary is a focused partner and dedicated team member who always strives for excellence in her work. She is generous with her talent and support and does the hard things when necessary to meet deadlines and deliver results. – Rita Crow


“Aileen is involved in many aspects of the operation. from creating safety poster and jingles with employees’ kids and grandkids, programing events for all groups and finding time to support mow employees’ questions and anything they need.” – Luis Villanueva Signal & ET Supervisor


“Nick is passionate and takes pride in what he does. He works hard and is willing to put in long hours each day and on the weekends to make sure the work is done, and we stay ahead of the field guys on purchase orders, work packages, etc.” – Yiying Yang, Engineer, Southwest


“He has a great work ethic, always goes the extra mile and is very punctual. His ideas are always out of the box and promotes productivity on the job site.” – Jonathan Quintero, Carpenter Superintendent, National Division.


“Since day 1, Angie has been nothing but supportive to me. She went above and beyond in getting me up and going. Such a great team player!” – Hector Garcia, Senior Recruiter Shimmick


“Sumeya is always ready to go above and beyond not just for her co-workers, but also the CSRs on the call center floor. I could not ask for a better lead for my team or for the call center. Sumeya please keep up the great work and remember self love.” – Irene Hardenbrook, Call Center Supervisor, WSDOT Good To Go


“Collin has always stepped up in his area and provided detailed work plans and scheduling to efficiently and safely progress the project. His planning allows for better production rates and less quality issues arising. He always coordinates with other crafts to make sure they have the support they need. Collin consistently stays late to ensure all of crews are taken care of and is a big part of the success on this project.” – River Rahe, Construction Engineer, National Division.


“I am an Intern and one of the superintendents who hired me left the company my first week. Carlos took me in and has showed me what it means to work at Shimmick. His work ethic, communication skills, and leadership are unparalleled. ” – Ethan Nall, Field Engineer Intern, Lewisville Dam Spillway


“She is a safety superstar. She goes above and beyond to help our injured workers. She will always give the extra needed if we have an injury. Such an asset to our company. ” – Tonna Hickenbottom, BSN, RN, CCM Occupational Health Nurse & Substance Abuse Prevention Program Administrator


“Rene goes above and beyond when there are any issues that need to be handled. She thoroughly reviews a process that is asked and finds better solutions to problems. Thank you for all the hard work you do and continue to do. ” – Maria Valadez, AP Specialist


“Gezelle is a great person to work with and always willing to help others. While I was out on PTO in January, she stepped in to handle some of my tasks and assist Deb Heden without missing a beat. Gezelle is proactive and always thinking outside the box. I know I can give her any task and it will get done. Thank you so much Gezelle for your hard work and support over the past seven months! Deb and I greatly appreciate you.” – Barbara Flinn-Hanna, Risk Management Supervisor, Corporate


“Jesus does what it takes to get the job done. He leads his team by example of making it happen. You never have to ask Jesus to put on any PPE. He is a good example of working safe and using the right tool for the job.” – Billy Maxwell, Superintendent, Northwest


“Ariel is always very supportive. He is always willing to assist with a positive attitude. I am truly grateful for his support and his willingness to help when ever I have a question no matter how busy his schedule is. Ariel you are appreciated!!” – Damarie Montanez, Associate Business Manager, O&M


“Josh is always willing to help his fellow workers. His willingness to share materials and manpower shows that he is a real team player.” – Josh Scalf


“Lisa is always reliable and very hardworking. She is always on the ball and is always improving her supervisory skills. She is a valuable member of the operations team and she is a great team player!” – Ashley Brumett, Call Center Manager, O&M


“Diego has done a fantastic job since joining this project. He works hard and always goes the extra mile. His excellent Work Packages, JHA’s and Fall Protection Plans make often complicated work very clear and concise, this leading to safe and productive work by the crews in the field.” – Ben Gordon, Project Manager, NW Division


“Jefferey is our safety manager on the Mosquito Road Bridge Project #253. His attitude and drive to accomplish a safe worksite goes beyond what is expected. He truly wants the craft to be safe no matter what and will neve cut corners. The way he approaches safety shows younger engineers or craft folks the right way to make safety happen.” – Charles Marrow, PM, NW


“He is an AWESOME Project Manager! He works hard, cares about his team, is always available to answer questions, and is a strong leader! Thank you Matt for all you do each and every day on the Antioch Brackish Water project!” – Janna Fowler, Office Manager, NW


“Barbara – Thank you for your help in getting me through my first few months at Shimmick. Your guidance and support was essential to my success. I’m lucky to be a part of this team!” – Gezelle Brown, Risk Mgmt Analyst, Division: Risk & Legal


“Irene is consistently going above and beyond her role as Quality Analyst. She comes up with ideas to improve the efficiency and communication of the team, like creating a calendar to track assignments and a calibration log to track internal updates. She always has the team goals in mind and doesn’t hesitate to pick up any necessary extra work to meet those goals. She’s also a natural “people person” and builds bridges of cooperation with individuals across the organization.” – Kody Kump, Quality Analyst Supervisor, Operations & Management Solutions

Toll Attendant

“Maria is a person that always is willing to help in every way. Everything you ask of her, she’s there in an instant. She knows her job very well.” – Janet Marrero, Toll Collector

Office Manager


“Jennifer brightens any room she walks into with her “can-do” attitude. Any problem, any time Jennifer is always available and ready to swiftly “kill a snake” as we like to call problems on Job 256.” – Kelsey Bryant, Superintendent

Applications Support Specialist


“Heather’s willingness to collaborate is top-shelf. She routinely calls her users ‘just to check up on them’ following system changes that she has spearheaded. She has a strong command of CMiC functionality and a gentle, diplomatic way of directing users to alternative ways of using the system. ” – Anne Krainer, Business Solutions Analyst

HR Generalist III


“Charlotte was warm and showed real compassion towards me while assisting in an accommodation of my work schedule during an extremely difficult time dealing with family illnesses, including my own. Even her willingness to just listen to me makes it a little easier sometimes. Charlotte truly embodies the Shimmick core value of authentic relationships. They say when it rains it pours and thankfully Charlotte has been there to hand me an umbrella.” – Staci Paris Phillips, Subcontractor Insurance Manager

Project Manager


“Brian takes it upon himself to develop all personnel on the City of Richmond Critical Improvements project (Job 241) regardless of their level of experience, discipline, or background. His leadership has been instrumental to the ongoing success of the project.” – John Haddad, Electrical Manager

Project Engineer


Dale’s consideration for safety is evident in the countless hours he spends reviewing the work plans and never compromises any deviation from the specification. He’s a living example of leading from behind. Dale’s work ethics and habits are directly tied to the project goals. – Mohanned Mustfa

Equipment Division


Things such as building boats, finding equipment, scheduling trucking, making emergency repairs (even on rental equipment), helping sort through equipment billing issues, I could go on and on. Their efforts are second to none. Specifically, we had minimal schedule impact when our Derrick Crane went down. They were able to get us up and running in record time. – Ryan Turner, General Superintendent



Omar was given two design-build bridges and cofferdam work to handle and he managed to control these costs within budget and understand the project goals. He also took initiative to organize team building, not just among Shimmick but with the inclusion of subcontractors too. Omar is passionate and takes pride in what he does. He is flexible and he handles tasks given to him with full responsibility and maintains a can-do attitude! – Aaron Lai, Project Manager

HR Generalist


Joy gets a variety of task done from facility repairs to recruiting efforts to all other HR related activities for the project. She has been the central point of contact for Covid information and related activities since the beginning of the pandemic. Thank you Joy for all you do and your very positive attitude. The project team greatly appreciates you! – Jeffrey Goldberg, O&M Project Manager

Field Engineer, Chickamauga Lock Replacement Project


Jeffrey is a dedicated employee. Always looking for areas to improve. He always makes sure our craft has the correct information in the field and on time. He has stepped up when the superintendent was not present. Thanks Jeffrey! – Ashley Rodriguez, Field Engineer

Office Manager, Northwest


Natalie is a an incredible asset to the Northwest team. She anticipates every need and does an amazing job of supporting all of us. She has helped the team in countless ways throughout her year with us, and taken all of the recent office changes in stride. – Vanessa Irving, Business Ops Manager, Northwest

Quality Assurance Supervisor


Kody is very patient and always takes initiative. When he identifies an issue within the WSDOT program, he steps up and does his best to either resolve the problem or at least get the right person to do so. Kody always lends a hand to other departments as needed, such as training when the trainer was out sick for a couple of weeks. He wants the whole program to succeed, to see growth from every Customer Service Representative and encourages the team to support each department that we work with. – Irene Hardenbrook, Quality Analyst, WSDOT

Training Coordinator


Diane always goes above and beyond helping the project on tasks that fall outside her scope of responsibilities. Diane always has amazing ideas on how to improve the project and our work environment. As an example, on her own initiative, she recently obtained her Notary License, something that was needed in our project to facilitate our workforce with their needs. Diane is always ready to help her coworkers in any area where she is needed. – Nancy Aragundy

Project Engineer


Partha has done an excellent job of taking on multiple roles in different areas of the project including managing the work and procurement at the River Pump Station (RPS), cost reporting/control, taking the lead on preparing for safety week, and managing our off-site sub (Teichert) which includes coordinating notices/extra work, scheduling, and working nights as needed to keep the project moving forward. – Matt Harris, Project Manager

Project Engineer, MEP


Marcos is the hardest working person on this site. He is the most knowledgeable engineer I’ve met and never backs down from a challenge or setback. He stands up for his team and steps up in every project meeting by keeping everyone on task, making sure accurate information is used, and pushing people forward. – Alex Koch, MEP

Senior Accountant, Corporate


Anita is always available and ready to help at the drop of a dime. She is very knowledgeable and is there and ready to help any way possible. If unable to help, she will always point you in the right directions. When I have an urgent matter or question she is who I turn to. I’d also like to thank her for covering for me during my paternity leave! – Nate Gartin, Accountant, Corporate

Equipment Coordination Manager, Equipment Division/Tracy yard


Billy always goes above and beyond for people, in work and in life. He is always thinking of others looking out for everyone’s best interest. He’s super kind and is a super hard worker. His phone literally doesn’t stop ringing! He gets the job done safely and in a timely manner! Billy is THE best boss I’ve EVER worked for. – Chrissy Schieffer, Forklift Operator, Equipment Division/Tracy Yard

Deputy Project Manager, HART Airport Guideway and Stations Project


Since STG JV isn’t just one company with one reporting line, people/disciplines often fail to follow the set reporting line(s). Mike helps to guide people/disciplines back to follow the JV’s reporting line by pointing out issues, discussing solutions, and making suggestions to get issues resolved and bring the team(s) together. When asked for help, Mike helps to approach and connect the responsible discipline leads and bring them back on track to support our major project goal of getting the project closed out timely and properly. Thank you, Mike, for being incredibly approachable, listening, and responding to suggestions or questions. You do what you say you will do. This makes you highly reliable and also keeps things moving in the right direction. – Sabine Stephan, Doc Control Manager, HART Airport Guideway and Stations Project



Karynn Leonard always has a positive attitude. She understands all the company policies and procedures and takes pride in everything she does. And it shows. She gets the job done and gets it done correctly. She seeks to find new and better ways to do her work. If she finds a better way to do a transaction in CMiC, she immediately shares it. She loves learning new things within CMiC. She is very approachable and very easy to work with. When I was working on the OCSD projects, Karynn was a mentor to me. She has taken the time to build relationships with each and every person on that job site. She is very knowledgeable, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will figure it out. She is awesome at training and giving direction and is a great role model. She has great communication skills and makes every CMiC process seem so easy. She is always kind and always patient—a great asset to our team. I don’t know what Shimmick would do without her guidance, motivation, and determination. Her positive behavior and professionalism have made my job so much easier. Karynn, I appreciate you and all you have done for me. You’ve taught me everything I needed to know about my position. Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding me. I will always be grateful to you. Not only have you been a great mentor to me, you have taught me how to mentor other people. You have always inspired me. Please accept my deepest thanks. – Jamie Lutz, Business Manager, Equipment Department

Marketing & Communication


Tonya represents the best of what our company strives to be. She and her team work tirelessly in the background to keep us all connected and operating efficiently. She jumps to help and offer support at every opportunity, and always advocates for others. Tonya has been an ongoing resource (and sounding board) for me. Most recently, she has offered insight and assistance related to the looming Oakland office relocation project. – Vanessa Irving



“Diego is an excellent field engineer, he is passionate and driven in his work and holds safety as the highest value. He continually takes on new work and offers to help in tasks that are not as glamorous or desired by other employees. He is always bringing new improvements to his work and our project operations; for example by using a 3D printer to help visualize project structures and to custom build jigs for measuring equipment and other applications. Diego has a positive attitude and works with both our dayshift and nightshift operations to support activities in his areas of responsibility.” – Matthew Dina, Lead Field Engineer, Northwest



“Dictionary definition of the word leader. Encourages open communication and enables max potential in our work relationships. In a group environment, she can bring the team together and produce efficient communication with little to no effort; on an individual environment, she fosters trust and respect. Her well rounded abilities allow her to meet her role’s responsibilities for the day as well as effortlessly support each and every of her *MANY* engineers in their general questions or career goals. In her dedication, she treats others with fairness and respect while holding us to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.” – Shimmick Colleague



“I would like to nominate Amanda Shea Price Safety Professional from HART. Coming into a project nearing substantial completion can present many challenges. In a short period of time Amanda was able to win over the PM Team, Craft Personnel, HART and the United States Navy with her can-do-attitude.” – Al Kelly, Safety Director



“G and his crew have embodied impeccable standards of safety, quality and production on the California High Speed Rail Project. His crew has had zero recordables since NTP, implemented quality control procedures that have led to night and day differences in the results of our non-destructive test results for our CIDH piles, and have consistently outperformed baseline estimates of man hour utilization on several key cost codes.” – Sam Hernandez, Field Engineer, Legacy Foundations



“I’ve never seen such a hardworking guy!” – Souryadeep Mondal, intern, Job 233 NW



“Natalie stepped up and took on the challenges of managing a very challenging sub on this project. She approached the situation with professionalism and is proactive in working out solutions.” – Aaron Lai, Project Manager, Northwest



“Alina is always willing change her schedule so others can enjoy sometime off. Thank you Alina for being so helpful and gracious!” – Jarvis Smith, Supervisor, Good to Go! Call Center.



“Since taking on the SAP program, Nathalia and I have worked much closer and she has just been amazing. Always helpful and always has the best attitude! She is a classic example of team building. Thanks Nathalia for all you do! ” – Tonna Hickenbottom, BSN, RN, CCM Occupational Health Nurse & Substance Abuse Prevention Program Administrator



“Pam has been a great asset to our department since joining us in December. She works hard, cares about the work product and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions where needed. Pam has jumped into her roll with willingness to learn, help us get on top of the insurance compliance back log and help us manage other department tasks as assigned. She doesn’t hesitate to pick up and run with hot tasks as needed. Deb and I are happy you joined our department and appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for all your hard work and support! ” – Barbara Flinn-Hanna, Risk Management Supervisor, Corporate



“In the years I have worked with Sandia she has excelled in her performance, she is always willing to learn, and she is always willing to work overtime if needed. If Sandia see’s anything wrong at that plaza she reports it immediately. Sandia has always been very considerate with others and I enjoy working with her.” – Theresa Meyers, Supervisor, Hiawassee



“Aileen is a key fundamental player in helping the MOW Department keep Signal and Electric Traction records, on top of all MOW work she does (schedules, vacations, timekeeping). Consistently keeping track of tests in Signal and Electric Traction are areas that are safety sensitive for the operation and required by federal and state agencies.” – Luis Villanueva, Signal Supervisor, National (CCM)



“These women did a great job at the Women in Construction Panel Discussion. It was great getting to know them and hear about their different experiences. ” – Taylor Casaccia, Senior Business Manager, Equipment Department



“Hugo has demonstrated himself again and again, as a leader whom the team can trust and follow. Not only is he experienced, he is also one who listens and is willing to mentor others. Externally, he has in fact built a strong relationship with the owner team and the owner echoes that as well.” – Aaron Lai, PM, Northwest



“Can’t simply being awesome people to work with be enough? Both are willing to dig in and find solutions to complicated problems, and have done an excellent job in taking on new roles and trying to streamline processes between all our different companies from an accounting and finance perspective. They are smart and use their collective experience to push the company towards positive outcomes.” – Clay Lewis, Director of Project Accounting, Corp



“Austin is always willing to help, he makes you feel like you can come to him with anything. He is never too busy to help and always encourages others to think out of the box to come up with new ideas.” – Jamie Jacoby, Superintendent, sSouthwest Division.



“Aileen made me feel a part of the company soon as I arrived three months ago. She is the glue that keeps the office organized and helps with timesheet questions. If she doesn’t know she can point you in the right direction.” – Luis Villanueva, Signal Supervisor, 1245-MOW

Project Controls Manager


“Alejandro is the epitome of a team member. He makes things happen. He is always willing to help address problems even if not his responsibility. He is very positive even in a crisis. Thanks for making my and other people work more pleasant.” – Marc Thalheimer, Contracts Manager



“Hagr took a complicated design with very strict tolerances and simplified it for the field crews through detailed work plans and countless hours coordinating all stakeholders including fabricators, inspectors, consultants, and Shimmick staff.” – Scott Bunnell, Project Sponsor

Risk Management Analyst


“Gezelle was recently hired but in a short time you’d think she’s been a Shimmick employee for years! She’s jumped in with both feet handling claims submissions, cert request and compliance! She is wonderful and upbeat to work with and I’ve received many compliments from other employees about her! So glad she’s a part of the Shimmick Insurance/Legal team!” – Deborah Heden, Risk Manager

Construction Superintendent


“Adam is a well-organized and planning-oriented supervisor. He has brought a very safety conscious mindset to the management of our night shift. He recently started a foreman’s meeting, to check and see if any of his foreman need anything to help them succeed. In addition, he has initiated numerous other meetings and safety protocols to help our foreman take important messages back to their crews.” – John Boyer, ES&H Specialist

Lead Controller


“Brian often goes out of his way to educate all team members during his site tour. He ensures that everyone stays well informed and always offers direction and guidance so that the best practices and safest procedures remain at the forefront of every operation. He is a very important part of our organizations core.” – George Martins, Trainmaster



Having around 7 years of experience with Shimmick, Minter has proved to be very helpful and beneficial assisting/directing our newly hired- team on Job 220. He is a great team builder who supports and helps team members to develop in a respectful and trustful manner. – Nader Faltaous, Mechanical Engineer, MEP

Project Manager


Tanner has the ability to look at a project and spot constructibility problems. He balances budgetary needs with client concerns and always keeps an eye on the bottom line. His calm leadership made working with him a pleasure. – Rachel Fischer, Quality Control Manager

Safety & Training Specialist


Tabbie’s desire to learn, teach and accept constructive criticism made it easy for me to train her. She has developed the ability to anticipate various needs before they arise. Tabbie has taken the forefront in on-boarding all Legacy Foundations new-hires when comes to safety training. She has created an OSHA Training Classes and Safety curriculum, cutting project downtime tremendously. Tabbie’s people skills are on point and she has a strong grasp on rules and regulations especially when it comes to Fall Protection . – Al Kelly, Safety Director, Legacy Foundations

Risk Management Supervisor


Barbara jumped in with both feet helping with all aspects of our insurance, compliance, certificates of insurance and claims management. She has been so helpful assisting the project teams and assisting the department since we have had a staffing shortage. Barbara has truly shown ALL of the CORE values. She has shown “Achievement”, “Empowerment & Responsibility”; “Authentic Relationships” and “Mutual Trust & Support” a part of her daily work ethic. As for the Insurance Risk Management and Legal Department – we are so happy to have her on our team. Thank you Barbara for all you do! – Deborah Heden, Risk Manager, Corporate

Document Control Clerk, Chickamauga Lock Replacement Project


Jessica has gone above and beyond keeping our documentation for the project in order. She literally does the amount of work that would require 2 clerks. On top of her workload, Jessica is also a volunteer and Junior Master Champion in our Committee for the “Chatt Critical Response” – behavioral based program. Her contributions are vital to the success of the program. – Francisco Fierro, Project Survey Manager

Manager, GGB Project


Jeff has an amazing attitude, both on and off the job-site. Jeff continually impresses me with his ability to leave personnel issues (we all have them) at the gate, and focus on the job at hand. He can be seen after hours resolving issues, mentoring others, and ensuring that his team receives any training or help that is needed. – Nick Burnham, Safety Manager, Northwest

Southwest Division Admin


Lori is always willing to do what it takes to Make It Happen. She is one of the most dependable people at Shimmick and does what she can to help everyone who needs it. Lori’s job description is ever-changing and she wears many hats for the Irvine office. She is always willing to help wherever she’s needed and will take on new projects with enthusiasm. – Stephanie Mills, Estimating Assistant

Electrical Foreman


Andrew engages with the craft, the project team, and BART both night and day on the BART Emergency Lighting project [job 232]. Although the night shift is his baseline, he goes the extra mile to accommodate key daytime meetings. His approach to safety involves everyone; therefore, everyone goes through applicable safety trainings. This practice has been paramount in maintaining zero recordables on the project to-date. – John Haddad, Electrical Manager

Project Engineer


Bryce helped the team in expediting T&M change order requests to the owner, solidified a subcontractor scope of work and supported the team in document management. Some of the change order requested prepared got turnaround and approved speedily by the owner.! – Aaron Lai, Project Engineer

Project Safety Champion


Ashley’s efforts have facilitated the overall success of the program and most recently the start up of a remote secondary call center in Texas. She did what she could to ensure that we were ready. She is also driving the effort to make our Safety Week festivities a reality! – Jeffrey Goldberg, Project Manager

Marketing/BD Manager, National Division


Patty has really stepped up the BD activities for National. She is a true leader for the division. She leads the opportunity meetings, keeps the team informed of new opportunities, and notifies the team about opportunities to get in front of clients. She is a true collaborator, making sure the team stays well-informed. With all the USACE work coming up, her leadership will be instrumental to our future success in that key market! Patty is on top of federal funding. She organized all the intel, provided it to the team, directed the team to identify opportunities that aligned with our strategy, and set a meeting to review. Patty, leading BD for the National Division is no small task. Nice job! – Christie DeLuca, Director of Strategy

Estimating Manager, SW Division


Joe has always got time for everyone and keeps the estimating department running like a well-oiled machine. He is always willing to help and committed to making it happen. He embodies our core value of “mutual trust and support.” His efficiency and consistency keep the estimating department running smoothly. Joe, thanks for making Shimmick a great place to work. – Stephanie Mills, Estimating Assistant, Southwest Division

Staff Attorney, Legal Department


Dylan is always extremely helpful and diligent. He is a pleasure to work with and deserves recognition for all the work he does. He represents Shimmick’s core value of “empowerment and responsibility.” Dylan is invaluable to the estimating department, helping answer specific owner questions with urgency. Thanks for helping to make Shimmick a great place to work. – Stephanie Mills, Estimating Assistant, Southwest Division



Jimmy Draper and Mark Zhang have been project leaders and are a big part of our success in San Diego (SW/MEP). People in their positions tend to be overlooked on their hard work, contributions, and recognition that they deserve, so I’d like to take this opportunity to recognize their dedication to the team, strong commitment to success, and effective leadership. They embody our core value of achievement. Jimmy and Mark, thank you for your hard work and guidance for the success thus far on Job 194 and 240. – Tomo Kamimura, PM, MEP



Divino San Pedro, aka Dino, is such an incredible problem solver. I am so impressed by how he communicates. His skills and dedication to his job responsibilities have made our jobsite come together. Having Dino on the IT team makes a huge difference. He has an amazing work ethic and has always been someone we can count on. He has been someone we can all rely on to help with any IT issues or concerns as we’ve opened our new Legacy location in Corona. Dino, we truly appreciate all your assistance and hard work. You are a great colleague, and we are so thankful we get to work with you. – Jamie Lutz, Business Manager, Equipment Department



Jessica Calderon (HR Generalist) has worked tirelessly for eight months to get our Employee Handbook out and ready for use. She is the embodiment of our core value of empowerment and responsibility; she said she would do it and she did. She has helped empower all employees to help themselves. Truly, every single employee benefits from her actions. So very lucky to work with her every single and have her on my team. – Charlotte Mahony, HR Generalist



Jamie Lutz (Legacy Foundations Business Manager, Equipment Department) was the former project controls specialist for the project I am working on. She is one of the hardest-working and smartest-working individuals this company has seen. Her positive energy and attitude are contagious and create a better working environment for all staff members. Her time management and response time to critical issues saved the project significantly. – Khaled Ammari, Coatings Engineer, MEP