About Us

Every aspect of every job. Shimmick makes it happen.

Since 1990, Shimmick Construction has become one of the premier general engineering contractors in the West, thanks to our proven mix of versatility, expertise and passion.

Shimmick's focus on heavy civil construction has resulted in a wide spectrum of projects, each with its own complex challenges. Our project success spans across all markets, from bridges and water/wastewater treatment facilities to dams, transit/rail and design-build. We own and maintain our own extensive fleet of heavy equipment, cranes and bulldozers. Shimmick is unique in our ability to self-perform all aspects of complex construction assignments. As a result, we produce high quality projects delivered on time and within budget.

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We expect a lot from our people. Our collective capabilities provide an opportunity to utilize our engineers and craft employees for every component of each project, regardless of the technical requirements. Shimmick's professionals are well qualified to rise to the task and meet and exceed the needs of clients.

Shimmick has a proven track record of reaching out to small and minority subcontracting firms to provide a dynamic mix of local and minority participation. We have a long, successful history of meeting DBE/SBE/MBE/WBE goals to provide owners with diversity.

Everyone at Shimmick has passion for what he or she does. Our employees are also owners in the company. This ownership helps fuel enthusiasm towards building projects that positively impact the lives of thousands. The Shimmick team strives to achieve our mission of "Building the People and Projects that Improve America's Infrastructure."