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We deliver innovative and resilient water infrastructure solutions.

With decades of expertise, we challenge the status quo to create a future of abundance for communities and opportunities. Explore our projects and see how we are shaping a brighter tomorrow through smart, customized water infrastructure solutions.

Water Resources
Water Treatment
Other Critical Infrastructure
Central and East
North City Pure Water Facility
Groundwater Replenishment System Expansion
Miramar Reservoir Pump Station Improvement Project - K-22-2058-DBB-3
Lewisville Dam Safety Modifications spillway with the USACE
Lewisville Dam Safety Modification
Antioch Brackish Water Desalination Project
P1-133 Primary Sedimentation Basins No. 6-31 Reliability Improvements_basin building construction in Huntington Beach, California.
P1-133 Primary Sedimentation Basins No. 6-31 Reliability Improvements at Plant No. 1
Natomas Mutual Water Company Riverside Pumping Plant Replacement
Curtain Wall Repairs and Backfilling at B Street Pier
Santiago Canyon Pump Station Improvements
Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Critical Improvements
Cowlitz Falls Barrier Dam Repair Project
Mosquito Bridge project for the El Dorado County Department of Transportation in Camino, CA
Mosquito Road Bridge
Miramar Clearwell Improvements
Gilcrease Expressway
Chickamauga Lock Replacement
LaGrange Lock and Dam
Oceanside Water Pollution Control Digesters
Grandsen Pump Station Phase 2
Haster Retarding Basin Pump Station
Point Loma Navy Fuel Pier Replacement
Port of Los Angeles Berth Reconstruction
Rapid Disaster Infrastructure and Levee Repair
Caltrain 25th Avenue Grade Separation
Alameda Creek Fish Passage
LPV 146 Emergency Levee Improvements
Smith Canal Gate
OCSD Plant 2 Sludge De-Watering and Odor Control
Olmsted Dam
San Roque Hydroelectric Project
Foster City Levee Improvements
Soledad Wastewater Treatment Plant
Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Reservoir
North City Plant Expansion Site Work and Ozone Relocation
P2-122 Headworks Modifications at Plant 2
Pier G Berths Terminal Redevelopment
Pier G East Berth Terminal Demolition
Pure Water Oceanside Advanced Water Purification Facility
Robert A. Skinner Water Treatment Plant
Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant
San Vicente Dam Raise
Silverlake Reservoir Phase II Headworks