Alameda Creek Fish Passage

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Alameda Creek Fish Passage

This project was located in a remote area of the Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness. Project scope included construction of a soldier pile wall for land stabilization, a 27,000-square foot soil nail wall for a new fish ladder/fish intake structures, 30,000 cubic yards of forebay excavation, a 300-linear foot fish ladder and fish intake structure (8,000 cubic yards of concrete), diversion structure with intake manifold for conveyance to Alameda Creek diversion tunnels, water control gates, new control building with SCADA systems and VSAT tower, modifications to existing sluiceways, and construction of a third sluiceway

Additional project scope included Geary Road improvements, a 3.4-mile access road to the project site at four specific locations, and included slope stabilization, grading, culvert crossing upgrades, and road widening.

This project won the APWA 2019 Public Works Project Award: Environment for the SFPUC.

Project Details

Location:Sunol, CA
Amount: $42.2M
Delivery Method:Bid-Build
Client Name:SFPUC
Duration: 2016-2019