Rapid Disaster Infrastructure and Levee Repair

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Rapid Disaster Infrastructure and Levee Repair

Shimmick constructed part of a new levee system in Rock Port, Missouri under the USACE’s Rapid Disaster Infrastructure program. Shimmick repaired damage to the Missouri River Levee System L-536 under a task order for a multiple award task order contract (MATOC). The project required quick mobilization to the site, where crews began work to repair the L-536-550 Turkey Creek Left Bank, Rock Creek Left Bank, Missouri River Left Bank, and Mill Creek Right Bank levee system, all of which were damaged with breaches during the 2019 flood.

The team successfully closed the first breach northeast of Indian Cave State Park and two additional breaches over the summer of 2020. The work involved cohesive capping, relief wells, toe drains, erosion-protection measures, and in-line repairs.

The breach closure, denoted as “A” near River Mile 523, was the last of four planned breach closures along Levee System L-536. The closure returned this portion of the levee to a 10-year length of protection, improved flood risk management capabilities, and allowed follow-on construction efforts to continue. The remainder of the system, including breaches D, E and G, were restored using a new levee setback.

Project Details

Location:Rock Port, MO
Amount: $76M
Delivery Method:Bid-Build
Client Name:U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Duration: 2020-2021