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Responsible Building for Tomorrow

Sustainability is crucial for a company like ours. It’s about how we balance environmental impact, social responsibility, and good governance in our operations. We are committed to sustainable practices, ensuring the well-being of our employees and communities, and maintaining transparent and ethical governance.


We protect water sources, improve supply reliability, and ensure clean water access. Our projects use advanced water treatment to conserve and help the environment. Our flood control systems keep communities safe and promote eco-friendly inland waterway transportation.


 We are committed to an inclusive workplace, exemplified by our Women at Shimmick initiative, promoting professional and personal development for women and fostering diversity. We maintain a respectful, discrimination-free environment and encourage reporting through our ethics hotline.


Our governance is transparent, ethical, and accountable. Our experienced board provides strategic oversight and alignment with stakeholder interests. We actively partner with small, diverse businesses to support subcontracting opportunities.

Safety, Health & Environment
  • Zero work-related injuries
  • Zero environmental harm
  • Zero property damage
  • Commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility
  • Equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies
  • Ethical sourcing and procurement practices
  • Transparent communication with stakeholders
  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture where everyone is valued and respected
  • Promotion of diversity in thought, experience, and perspectives
  • Implementation of inclusive hiring and advancement practices for equitable opportunities
  • Clear channels for reporting and addressing discrimination or bias
  • Continual evaluation and enhancement of inclusion initiatives for an equitable workplace