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Shimmick Welcomes 2023 Summer Interns!

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A total of 27 interns from universities across the company have joined Shimmick for the annual summer intern program. These interns, hailing from various universities, will spend approximately 12 weeks with Shimmick, gaining valuable experience in the construction field. They will be assigned to projects across the company and will have the opportunity to learn from and work alongside young engineers, many of whom were former Shimmick interns themselves.

Recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive support and guidance, Shimmick has implemented additional layers of assistance for the interns. Each intern is assigned a mentor who will offer guidance and support throughout their internship. Furthermore, project staff and leadership actively engage with the interns, providing further assistance to ensure a valuable learning experience.

In addition to developing the skills and abilities of the interns, the program also serves as a gateway for potential future internships and full-time positions at Shimmick. The company values the contributions and potential of these young talents.

Creating a Supportive Community

To enhance the interns’ experience and foster engagement, Shimmick has introduced a range of additional activities. Intern Lunch & Learns provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking, allowing interns to learn from industry experts. Off-site engagement activities are organized to help interns build relationships with their peers and gain a broader perspective.

Safety awareness is a top priority at Shimmick, and to promote this, the company has organized a safety-focused video contest. This contest encourages interns to prioritize safety and showcase their creativity while raising awareness.

While working hard, the interns also have time to enjoy social activities throughout the summer. These activities foster a sense of camaraderie and create a supportive community within the company, ensuring that the interns feel valued and part of a larger team.

To further enrich the interns’ experiences, Shimmick’s Southwest Division will pilot an initiative called Intern Site Swap Day. This program allows interns from different sites within the division to spend a day working together, gaining exposure to diverse projects and teams. The Intern Site Swap Day aims to provide a unique learning opportunity and broaden the interns’ perspectives on the company’s operations. If successful, the Swap Day concept will be launched to other divisions next year.

Shimmick’s commitment to the development of young talent is evident through the implementation of these various programs and initiatives. These efforts, managed by Shimmick’s Campus Recruiter and division leadership, showcase the company’s dedication to investing in the growth and education of its interns. By fostering a talented pool of individuals, Shimmick is paving the way for future contributions to the construction industry.

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