Project Details

Owner: Golden Gate Bridge, Highway, and Transportation District

Contract value: $82,000,000


The project was Part A of the third and final phase of the seismic and wind retrofit of the Golden Gate Bridge. The project has four primary elements of work:

  • Lead and hazardous material remediation
  • North Pylon and Transverse Cable Guide strengthening
  • North Anchorage Housing strengthening
  • Existing roadway and sidewalk decks replacement at the Anchorage Housing

The contract work presented unique challenges due to access restraints and the historical significance of the bridge. The project also required extensive coordination of the existing structure with new construction. With the exception of the sidewalk and bridge deck replacement, the contract work was not visible to the public.

The most publicly visible portion of contract work was the complete replacement of the existing roadway, sidewalks and curbs within the limits of the North Anchorage Housing without impacting the 100,000 cars that use the bridge each day. Prior to the replacement of the roadway deck, a temporary support structure was erected beneath the roadway to support construction loads on the existing deck and the edges of the deck during its removal. After the complete installation of all new precast deck units, an asphalt concrete overlay was placed over the entire deck, and a new maintenance scaffolding system was installed underneath the deck inside the anchorage house.