Project Details

Owner: Sonoma Marin Area Rapid Transit (SMART)

Contract value: $71,000,000


The Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) Project is a 68.6 million dollar design-build contract that spans 40 miles across Marin and Sonoma County from San Rafael to Santa Rosa that is divided into five design packages. Design Package 1 is located in San Rafael and consists of 2.4 miles of new track alignment spanning from the Marin Civic Center to downtown San Rafael. The scope of work includes the rehabilitation of the approximately 1350 ft Puerto Suello tunnel, construction of 7 grade crossings, 2.1 miles of new track, retaining walls, foundation/stem walls for the San Rafael Station, and installation of new main line fencing. Design Package 2 is located in Petaluma and is comprised of reconstructing a bascule bridge from Galveston, Texas to create the new Haystack Bridge to span the Petaluma River. The scope of work includes inventory of existing steel, fabricating and refurbishing steel to meet new seismic design requirements, upgrading mechanical components, erecting the bridge, and demolishing the existing wooden swing bridge. Design Package 3 is located in Santa Rosa and combines the construction of a state of the art 19,300 sq. ft. maintenance facility, 6 storage and 2 maintenance tracks, wash/storage yard, modular operational buildings and parking lot. Design Package 4 spans the entire alignment and consists of ten platform stations with three Park-N-Rides. The station scope of work includes platform concrete, ramps/stairs, canopies, utilities, electrical/lighting, site furnishings, and signage. The Park-N-Ride scope of work is comprised of clearing & grubbing, utility work, site electrical/lighting, grading, paving, and sidewalk/curb construction. Design Package 5 also spans the entire 40 mile SMART alignment. It is divided between seven Multi-Use Pathways (MUPs) for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. The scope of work includes clearing & grubbing, grading, paving, striping, and fencing.