Project Details

Owner: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Contract value: $188,080,588


The Robert B. Diemer Water Treatment Plant is an existing 520 MGD facility owned and operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The Oxidation Retrofit Program project upgrades/modifies the existing Plant. This project will enable the water treatment plant to treat water with an oxygen/ozone system. This work includes: constructing ozone generation building, ozone contactors, contactor influent and effluent conduits, contactor rejection tunnel, liquid oxygen (LOX) storage and feed system, chemical feed facilities, electrical switchyard, power substation, switchgear building, emergency generator building, large diameter yard conduits and piping, grading paving, demolition, adding and modifying plant utilities, electrical instrumentation and controls, connection to existing facilities, landscaping, meter vaults, oxygen/ozone system equipment, gates, valves, commissioning and training. Yard piping work included large diameter steel pipe for influent and effluent conduit, large diameter steel pipe, contactor rejection tunnel, fire, potable and industrial water lines, mortar-lined carbon steel pipe, and chemical and utility piping.

Shimmick self-performed the majority of the electrical work including installation of 4.16 KV switchgear, 4.16 KV-480V Unit Power Centers, 480V MCC's, motors and sub-panels, all raceway and conductors or power, signal and communications; lighting at new buildings and outside areas, ductbanks and manholes including excavation, encasement and backfill, emergency generator parallel switchgear, instrumentation and controls with field instruments, panels and SCADA, cathodic protection and grounding, testing and startup of all electrical and control systems.