Excavations and Shoring

Shimmick has successfully performed deep excavations in the most challenging locations and geotechnical conditions up and down the west coast. From excavating dredged alluvium at the base of an embankment dam to creating space below ground for commercial sky scraper parking garage in the heart of San Francisco, Shimmick has the capability to get the work done safely and efficiently.

In addition to self-performing the excavation Shimmick also has the capabilities to perform the support of excavation. Regardless of the geotechnical conditions Shimmick has a solution for safely supporting excavations including but not limited to soldier pile and lagging, cement deep soil mixed cutoff walls, secant pile shoring walls, internally braced excavations as well as ground anchors to support shoring walls. Our team is well equipped to handle the most complex and challenging excavation and shoring projects.

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