Project Details

Owner: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)

Contract value: $28,222,712


The project included the construction of two crossovers (one #20 and one #10 including control points and wayside signaling) between the Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill BART Stations. The crossovers were located at existing at-grade trackways and over an existing culvert. The project work required the first mainline shutdown in more than a decade.

For more than two track miles, the scope of work included installation of owner-furnished special trackwork, concrete cross-ties, train control equipment, new gap breaker stations complete with DC switchgear, 1000 Vdc feeder and traction power 34.5 KV EPR cables and raceways, contact rail system, communication and train control cables and related raceway systems, the extension and modification of an existing train control room, jacking and boring large diameter pipes under trackway, reinforcement modifications to the existing Contra Costa Canal Service Road Underpass, construction of sound walls, retaining walls, stairs and pavement, placement of communications wireway at the underside of existing aerial structures, tree removal, and landscaping.

More than $4.3 million in electrical work was self-performed and nearly all the work was performed on active BART mainline tracks.