Project Details

Owner: City and County of San Francisco

Contract value: $8,030,000


This project was part of an overall upgrade of the Municipal Railway System in San Francisco for the Municiplal Trasportation Agency (SFMTA). The work involved a number of challenges such as limited access, limited work windows, night and weekend work, work around live traffic and trains, and multiple jobsites located on some of the busiest streets in San Francisco. Shimmick formed strong, positive relationships with the owner, SFMTA and it's MUNI Railway, and the Department of Parking and Traffic, as well as San Francisco Department of Public Works (SFDPW) and the San Francisco Water Department (SFWD). These relationships were key to successful and on time completion of the project.

The scope of work involved replacing 1,800 track feet of worn-out existing MUNI tracks on seven intersections throughout the City; construction of nine new ADA curb ramps and one ADA access platform; traffic signal upgrades on all seven intersections; and upgrades of the existing water system on 19th Avenue (CA-1). ADA upgrades and some of the signal improvement were limited to non-commute hours, while the track replacement was limited to 54-hour windows Friday night through Monday morning. Weekend work could only be done on non-holiday weekends and when there were no major public events such as sports, concerts or parades.

Most of the track work involved building the new track by the direct fixation method, where rather than sitting on ballast and ties, rails are bolted to reinforced concrete slab. This method has multiple advantages with the most important ones being longer lasting product and easier future maintenance. The project embodied excellence in project management and was done with collaboration by all parties to improve an important componenet of San Francisco's infrastructure.