Project Details

Owner: Port of Los Angeles

Contract value: $61,375,000


The Project consists of developing an intermodal container transfer facility (ICTF), including demolishing existing Pier A rail yard; grading; placing surcharge; constructing new utilities, some with steel casings, including water, sewer, storm drain, electrical, and communications; installing trackwork and special trackwork; installing railway signal equipment; installing train in motion system; installing switches, sliding derails, and bumper posts; installing crane rail foundation and crane rail; installing high mast poles and fire hydrant assemblies; installing optical character recognition (OCR) portal, turnover anchor pit, and compressed air system; constructing secondary gate with truck scales, gatearms, and concrete pedestals; constructing compressor building, guard booth, and customs/border protection office building; constructing concrete and asphalt concrete pavement; installing signage, striping, and fencing on k rail.