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Operations Managment

Shimmick is an experienced, full-service toll operations and management services provider that partners with our clients to deliver turnkey solutions that are accountable, responsive, with a focus on delivering optimal customer experience. Our core competencies include system operations, customer service center operations, walk-in center operations, and lane cash collections. With no stake in lane or back office systems technology, we are able to provide our clients an added layer of transparency and insight into how their systems and assets are performing along with an attention to continued improvement.

While Shimmick’s approach is certainly a key consideration, our clients have also enjoyed significant cost savings because of efficiencies we bring to their programs. We have the proven ability to maximize revenue capture and accountability, increase customer satisfaction, and minimize operating costs through process efficiencies. Shimmick offers the security of knowing your customers are in good hands, and your assets are well managed and operated in a safe and fiscally responsible manner.

Shimmick’s O&M team also proudly supports the operations and engineering consulting requirements of transit agencies for their light rail system needs. We have worked for municipalities and agencies in Jersey City, Miami, Baltimore, Detroit, Charlotte, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, and Puerto Rico. For more information about Shimmick’s tolling and transit operations & management experience, solutions, and projects please contact:

Rowdy Kemnitz at (954) 350-1232 or or Mike Pellegrino at (615) 651-1977 or

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